Our Materials: Organic Flax

Organic Flax

Did you know that mattresses can be vegan? They can, and anyone who lives the vegan lifestyle understands the importance of knowing what materials are used in their food, clothes, and even furniture. So let’s highlight one of our vegan materials: organic flax.

What Is Flax?

Flax, scientifically known as Linum usitatissimum, is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries. This is because it’s an extremely versatile plant, being used for food, textiles, oil, and more. Linen, which makes bed sheets and tablecloths, comes from flax, as does flaxseed oil, that’s a common vegan supplement for fish oil.

Flax is also what we call the unspun fibers of this plant, which is what we use for our mattresses. This natural fiber is an excellent insulation material that helps our clients get a better night’s sleep.

The Benefits of Flax

You may be asking why we use flax. Flax is a strong and durable natural fiber that’s also soft and flexible. It’s actually stronger than cotton, as well as extremely breathable. This is why, when used as an insulation pad within a mattress, it offers both support and natural cooling properties. It’s springy to allow air flow and naturally wicks moisture away. This makes it ideal for hot sleepers who are prone to night sweats, as well as someone who needs some extra back support.

On top of all that, flax removes noise, vibration, and static electricity. These little benefits can go a long way to helping you sleep deeply through the night, especially if you live somewhere with a lot of traffic or dry winters.

Another benefit comes to those who prefer to live a greener lifestyle. The flax plant is a plant that is so versatile that every part of it is used in some way. Flax fibers are part of this, meaning that use of the plant is basically waste-free. The fiber is also naturally allergen-free and doesn’t need to be treated with any anti-pest chemicals. 

Which Mattress is Organic Flax Featured In?

Organic flax is currently featured in our Organic Vegan mattress in our Natural Sleep Collection. This hand-tufted mattress is the best natural, chemical-free sleep option for someone looking to live a green, organic lifestyle. All of the materials are chemical-free, organic, and high-quality, so you get peace of mind without sacrificing comfort.

The hand-tufted mattress features a thick organic flax pad sandwiched between up to fifty pounds of cotton batting. The flax pad provides cooling, comfort, and support while the cotton offers comfort. This, on top of a Quantum Edge pocketed coil spring system, provides a 10.5-inch thick mattress that is wonderfully firm and supportive. This means it’s fantastic for back sleepers who need proper support for their spine and neck so they don’t wake up sore.

Organic materials are great for mattresses, as they are generally chemical-free, anti-allergenic, offer superior comfort, and overall better for the environment. Organic flax is one of the best examples of this, and if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort, consider a mattress that features it.


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