How Can a Mattress Be Vegan?

Shadows over white comforter on bed.

Veganism has become more and more popular in recent years, dominating the food and fashion industries. Products which were commonly known to contain animal products have been viewed in a harsher light and questioned about their ethical practices. There are, however, many commonly used products that are not recognized by the mainstream public to be non-vegan. Did you know that many mattresses are not, in fact, vegan? 


Veganism Defined 


Before exploring how mattresses can be vegan, it’s important to define the term. When a product is determined to be vegan, it ultimately means that the product was developed free from any animal products. Although this is commonly thought to be food, such as meat or cheese, eggs, etc. it can also include things such as honey and in the case of mattresses, wool and feathers. 


Both wool and feathers are commonly used in most bedding and mattresses. Due to the fact that an animal had to be used to source such a material, they are both not considered vegan. Although wool could be identified as vegetarian, as no animal has to die for it to be sourced, to many people who feel that animals are abused when used as a resource, this thought process doesn’t cut it. For people who are looking to switch their consumption habits to be vegan friendly, finding a mattress that is 100% vegan can be very difficult.


Vegan Materials 


Due to their cheap nature, materials such as feathers and some kinds of wool are often used in mattresses. At Gardner Mattress, we offer a 100% Organic Vegan mattress. Instead of using animal products, our mattresses consist of ‘multiple layers or organic cotton batting finished in a soft woven organic cotton fabric.’


When you make a purchase from Gardner Mattress you do not need to worry about factory cross contamination, our mattresses are handmade with the utmost care and quality. We care about the materials being used in our mattresses, the materials you come in contact with for several hours everyday. In addition to offering a fully vegan and organic mattress, we make sure to ethically source all materials used in our mattresses. “Cotton is both a healthy and great choice for the environmentally conscious customer.”


Using high quality materials isn’t just better for your health and conscience, it also means that the durability and life span of your mattress will last much longer. When you use quality materials, you get a quality outcome. Additionally, our mattresses deliver the highest level of comfort and can be customized based on your specific preferences for firmness and size. 


Cruelty Free 


In addition to being made from all vegan materials, our Organic Vegan Mattress is also made from chemical free materials. Oftentimes mattresses that are coincidentally vegan or claim to be made of vegan materials, are still treated with chemicals that were tested on animals. Although these mattresses technically qualify as vegan, they do not align with the animal ethics of veganism. 

You can be assured that when shopping with Gardner Mattress, our Organic Vegan mattress is both made from completely vegan materials and is free of chemicals, both cruelty-free and non. Make an investment in your health and the planet by shopping with Gardner Mattress.


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