Rest Easy on the Organic Classic

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Every single one of our products is expertly fashioned by our mattress professionals, delivering an above-average standard of coziness and sturdiness that factory-produced mattresses cannot rival. Our skilled artisans pour their heart into each craft to ensure magical comfort that adapts to your body for unmatched support and alleviates areas of pressure throughout your slumber. Our reason for using only organic materials is twofold; we want to ensure you a healthier sleep environment and promote a more sustainable planet for future generations. Savor the exquisite blend of artistry and comfort with our Organic Classic mattress and escape to a realm of luxury sleep.

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Continuous Wire Coil for Firmer Support

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Organic Cotton Batting

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Breathable Organic Wool

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Woven Organic Cotton Fabric

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Superior Comfort with an Organic Touch

Crafted with care and made with organic materials, it’s like a promise that your sleep is going to be great, and that you’re doing something good for the planet too. No need to stress about harmful chemicals or poor-quality materials, because this mattress has none of that. It’s all about quality, comfort, and a clean conscience. That’s what the Organic Classic mattress brings to your room – a place to chill, to dream, and to recharge, knowing you’ve made a choice that’s good for you and the world around you.

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Choose from Twin to California King

Our mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. Custom sizes are also available upon request

Explore Custom Features for Your Organic Mattress

We proudly offer the option to add custom features and sizes to your organic mattress. Whether you need extra support in specific areas, desire a unique size to fit a non-standard bed frame, or want to explore additional comfort features, we are here to make your dream mattress a reality.

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This place was wonderful. The sales man was so helpful and kind. My husband and I have been buying their mattress for many years. They are true quality.

We purchased a queen tufted mattress for ourselves and a sojourn for our oldest daughter who was just leaving the crib. I have to say they are both excellent. I find I sleep far better than before, and the quality of the manufacturing is superior to our last mattress. These are not slapped together in a factory. They are individually made, and it shows.

Can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the products and service at Gardner Mattress. You have restored my faith in excellent customer service. It’s nice to know there are businesses and people like you who care and go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied and happy.

I hope your company will be around in another 15 years or so when I’m looking for a replacement.

Best organic mattresses!! And the regular ones too, owned by local company who really cares about quality. Did you know that most mattresses on the market are flooded with all sorts of chemicals, which interfere with your health and sleep? I researched for years to find the best quality and Gardner is the real deal.

Embrace the Luxury of Organic Sleep

The Organic Classic mattress is waiting to transform your nights into serene, restful journeys. With its perfect blend of handcrafted quality, natural materials, and modern design, it’s more than just a mattress – it’s a commitment to better sleep and a healthier lifestyle. Don’t just dream about excellent sleep, experience it every night with the Organic Classic mattress. It’s a choice that your body, mind, and even the planet will thank you for. Step into the future of sleep with the Organic Classic mattress and wake up to a world of difference. Don’t wait, start your journey to unparalleled comfort and tranquility today.

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Visit one of our three conveniently located showrooms. Our original factory and showroom in Salem, Massachusetts, or one of our newer showrooms in Needham and Woburn.

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