Our Materials: Long Strand Mane and Tail Horsehair

Gardner Mattress employee hand crafting a mattress in Salem, Massachusetts.

At Gardner Mattress we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, so we would never use subpar quality material to create the mattresses of your dreams. Today, we’ll discuss our use of Long Strand Mane and Tail Horsehair and how it meets our standards. 

Long Lasting Strands

Long strand mane and tail hair has long been a popular choice for mattresses and other bedding products. Part of the reason is that horse hair is extremely durable, long lasting, and it is able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear which is exactly what you need for a mattress that can last longer than the average of 5 to 10 years by taking care of the right mattress. 



Another reason to choose long strand mane and tail horsehair in your mattress is that it’s hypoallergenic. It naturally has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Unlike some materials, the horsehair is naturally resistant to dust mites which is a great choice for people with some sensitivities. 


Natural Insulator

Horsehair is similar to wool in that they’re both a natural insulator.  This means that it can help regulate your body temperature while you’re sleeping. Have you ever had a mattress that seems to trap in all the heat and leaves you in a puddle of your own sweat? That issue is eliminated with the use of horsehair in your high-quality mattress. As natural insulation, it’s beneficial for the winter so that that mattress can keep you warm, but in the summer it will also keep you cool and not retain the heat like a low-quality mattress might. 



Another reason to use horsehair in a mattress is because it’s completely natural and ethically gathered. Unlike other materials that are synthetic, horsehair is also naturally biodegradable. When the day comes that you have to recycle your old mattress, you can rest assured that it won’t be added to a landfill, sitting there unmoving for years upon years. 


The Organic Ultra Luxe Mattress Uses Horsehair 

Our Organic Ultra Luxe Mattress uses horse hair. While some might not think of it, horse hair is actually a finer, more luxurious upholstery material for a softer and sleeker feel. Made without harsh chemicals and pre-compressed to prevent sagging, this mattress is both organic and opulent. And who doesn’t need some opulence in their life?

Some additional features of the Organic Ultra Luxe Mattress: 


  • Hand tufted compression for superior wear
  • Knit organic cotton fabric
  • New Zealand organic wool 1/4 tacked for loft
  • 1” layer long strand mane and tail horse hair
  • 1” natural talalay latex
  • Two layers organic cotton batting
  • Fully tacked New Zealand organic wool
  • Quantum Edge Pocketed coil spring system
  • Flippable (and we love a flippable mattress, read more about it here)

Also, the organic ultra luxe mattress is designed to work with a very unique box spring that is an eight way hand-tied box spring that creates a softer feel and a longer life. Learn more about the hand crafted masterpiece of Organic Ultra Luxe Mattress.


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