Are Your Back Problems Being Caused by a Bad Mattress?

Back Problems

Back problems are no picnic when they interfere with what you want to do. You may be wondering what could be causing your back pain. Your first course of action would be to visit your doctor to find out if you have any underlying health conditions.

Generally, getting active and adopting ergonomic workspace solutions can help with many back problems. However, did you know that sleeping on a bad mattress could also cause or worsen back pain?

What Makes a Bad Mattress?

Overall, a bad mattress simply isn’t comfortable. It also doesn’t promote a good sleeping posture. Basically, if you don’t fall sleep well and stay asleep on it, then it’s time to explore other sleeping arrangements. Here’s a list of some common mattress offenses.

  • It’s too soft. Imagine falling into a ball pit. This is the kind of “support” an extremely soft mattress will give you— none.
  • It’s too hard. A mattress that’s too rigid can’t accommodate the unique shape to your body, which can cause inordinate stress on certain areas, like your hips.
  • It’s too hot. Certain types of memory foam mattresses can be sweltering in hotter climates. This doesn’t equal a comfortable and cool night’s sleep.
  • It’s sloped/misshapen. Poorly-made innerspring mattresses or memory foam mattresses can lose their shape. They can cave in, slope to the side, or simply not recover their original shape. This results in abysmal support for your back.

If your mattress has any of these problems, you are probably not going to wake up feeling refreshed. It may also be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep when your mattress isn’t supporting you well.

Not all mattresses start out as bad ones. However, over time, springs can lose their bounce and memory foam can lose its firmness. Mattresses made with good craftsmanship, however, can stay intact longer and give your body better support. Therefore, it’s better invest well in your sleeping arrangement. After all, you spend at least 1/3 of your life asleep!

The Science of Good Support

A supportive mattress will keep your spine aligned at night. It’ll also support your entire body, regardless of your sleeping position. Bad mattresses force your spine into a sloped or curved position, which can cause pain and stress to your neck and back. Your body needs to be balanced and feel zero stress on any one area. Imagine sleeping on a cloud — that good support will keep your spine in the right position and ease pressure on your joints, relaxing your muscles— soothing you to some quality sleep.

Tried and True Mattresses for Great Sleep

Gardner Mattress has been making great mattresses since 1933. If you want quality, then look no further. Don’t settle for a cheaply-made mattress that’ll lose its shape. Instead, get a hand-made American mattress that has been crafted by those who know what makes a great bed. Contact us to find out how our mattresses may help reduce back pain and promote healthy sleeping habits.


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