More Tips to Keep Your Mattress Fresh

Flipping a Mattress

You use your mattress for 6-8 hours each night, so it’s important to keep it fresh and clean. After all, it could be absorbing your sweat, getting dirty, or even starting to develop indents. We’ve given you a few tips in the past on how to keep your mattress fresh and clean, but here are a few more. After all, as one of the most-used pieces of furniture you own, your mattress deserves the best care you can give it.

Spot-Clean Your Mattress

If you haven’t cleaned your mattress in a while, strip your sheets and take a close look at it. You might notice some faint stains in the material. These stains could be caused by sweat, spilled drinks, or other fluids. Luckily, some spot-cleaning can help deal with these stains.

Spot-cleaning stains is thankfully easy to do. Apply a little laundry detergent mixed with cold water to a clean cloth. Don’t completely saturate it – you want it to be damp, not wet. Use this cloth to gently blot the stains, then use a different cloth and cold water to blot the stain again. Do this as many times as it takes for the stains to lift. Once it’s done, make sure to let the spots completely dry before putting your sheets back on the bed.

Cleaning a stained mattress

Apply Baking Soda

If your mattress is starting to smell a little funky, it might be time to apply baking soda to the surface. Since mattresses absorb our sweat and scent every night, it’s a good idea to find ways to gently freshen up the material every once in a while. After all, unlike your bedsheets and blankets, you can’t just throw your mattress in the washing machine. This is where baking soda comes in.

Applying baking soda is a useful tip regardless of whether you’re sleeping on a traditional mattress or a memory foam mattress. Baking soda absorbs moisture and odors – that’s why we use it in our refrigerators. So strip your bed and sprinkle a thin, even layer of baking soda across the surface. The process can admittedly be time-consuming, often taking 24 hours to fully absorb the offending odors. That’s why this is a good option to do before taking a weekend trip somewhere. By the time you get back, your mattress should be smelling fresh. Before you put your sheets back on, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to clean the baking soda up. Your mattress will smell the freshest it’s ever been after a nice baking soda treatment.

Rotate Your Mattress

It’s good to flip your mattress regularly, but that can be a hard job if you’re doing it alone. An easier alternative until you can get some friends to help you is to rotate your mattress. Whether you’re sleeping on a twin or king-sized mattress, rotating your mattress will help it last longer and provide you with a more comfortable sleep. If you’re noticing an indent of your body where you normally sleep, rotating your mattress will give the materials a chance to decompress.

Your mattress deserves a little freshening up and you deserve a good, refreshing sleep. With a few simple tips, you can extend your mattress’ already long lifespan. 


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