Signs That You Have a Bad Mattress

Blog Title: Signs That You Have a Bad Mattress

A good night’s sleep is vital to living a long, healthy life. It impacts every important aspect of our lives, as without sleep, our bodies can’t function properly. Sleep revitalizes us, helps our bodies recover from illness, and makes us more alert in our waking hours. The thing is, a poor night’s sleep can be affected by a bad mattress.

Often enough, a bad night’s sleep is related to your mattress. Even the best mattress, which will ideally last you a decade, will eventually start to show its age and disrupt your sleep. Or you might have recently bought a mattress that simply isn’t right for you because it’s not made of the right materials or provides the right support. When this happens, both your body and your mattress will start alerting you that it’s time for a replacement. When you start seeing these signs that you have a bad mattress, plan to visit one of our showrooms to get the perfect replacement so you can once again sleep soundly.

You Wake Up Still Tired

Most adults are recommended to get between 6-8 hours of sleep every night. This is supposed to help you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But if you’re sleeping poorly, or still waking up tired, that’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Something is keeping you from getting the proper sleep you need, and that could be an uncomfortable mattress.

At the very least, you should eliminate your mattress as a possibility before making an appointment with your doctor. After all, they might ask you about the quality and condition of your mattress as well. This is so they can rule out external issues before considering another diagnosis.

Frequent Aches and Pains

Even more than a bad night’s sleep, frequently waking up with aches and pains is the surest sign that something is wrong with your mattress. It’s typically an indication that the comfort layers of your mattress are breaking down. When this happens, pressure points begin to form as you sink into the mattress’ support core.

Naturally, this puts unpleasant pressure on your joints, spine, neck, and other body parts while you sleep, depending on your sleeping position. This is why you wake up sore, and this soreness can affect you throughout the rest of the day. Then, the cycle renews when you go back to sleep on your bad mattress. The only way to fully break it so your body can recover is to replace your bad mattress with a better one.

Ideally, you should assess your sleeping position and how firm you need your mattress to be to properly support your body. By doing this, you’ll ensure you find the right fit this time around, which will prevent pressure points. When you do find the right mattress, be sure to rotate it or flip it a few times a year to keep pressure points from forming again. This will improve the mattress’ longevity and your comfort.

photo of a woman with back pain standing by a bed

The Mattress is Visibly Sagging

If the aches and pains you’re waking up with aren’t a clear enough indication that your mattress isn’t properly supporting you anymore, the mattress itself might offer a pretty big visual clue. Strip back the sheets, blankets, and mattress protector and take a good look at your bare mattress. You might just see a clear indentation where you sleep at night, or even sagging in the center of the mattress.

Most of the time, you’ll find this in older mattresses that have reached the end of their lifespan. This is a good reason why you shouldn’t buy a secondhand mattress, too. You want a mattress with a long lifespan that won’t sag only a year or two after you bought it. Buying a new, high-quality mattress is the way to go to avoid sagging. 

You’re Waking Up Sweaty

Night sweats are unpleasant, to say the least. Being a hot sleeper can really affect your sleep, and your mattress might be exacerbating the issue. There are a lot of mattress materials that naturally retain heat. Our bodies sweat in order to control body temperature; as the water in the sweat evaporates, your skin cools. However, if your mattress is too well-insulated, the moisture stays, as does the heat. This leaves you a sweaty mess when you wake up.

This is a sign that your mattress is not for you. It might be better for someone who tends to be cold while they sleep. What you need instead is a mattress that has cooling properties and wicks moisture away so you don’t find yourself waking up sweaty. Get yourself a mattress made with gel-infused memory foam, organic flax, organic New Zealand wool, or cotton batting. All of these mattress materials have cooling properties that will help prevent you from overheating and sweating, leading to a sounder sleep.

Frequent Allergy Issues

Allergies are already obnoxious to live with at best. Allegerens, like chemicals, dust mites, and more building up in your mattress can make sleeping a nightmare. With your allergies aggravated all night, naturally, you won’t be getting the rest necessary to properly function the next day.

This is a sign that you need a mattress made of materials that are naturally allergen-free. Materials like long-strand mane and tail horsehair and Talalay latex are great options. They have anti-mite, fungal, and bacterial properties while still offering support, so you won’t be sacrificing your back just so you can breathe better while you sleep.

Your mattress is the key to sleeping well, which is a major factor in living a healthy, comfortable life. If you’re noticing the signs that you have a bad mattress, it’s time to get a replacement that’s perfect for you. Come to our showrooms to test out the hand-tufted mattresses from our Natural Sleep Collection and Traditional Collection and talk to the craftspeople who will be building your mattress. And remember that our mattresses come with a 90-day risk-free trial period, so you know your mattress is exactly what you need.  


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