Keeping Your Mattress from Sliding

Flipping a Mattress

Have you ever woken up to find that your mattress has slid halfway off the bed frame during the night? Mattresses can slide due to a lack of friction between it and the bed frame, the frame lacking proper support, or from too much movement in your sleep. A sliding mattress is a frustrating problem and could have even contributed to you not sleeping well the night before.

Luckily there are ways to figure out why your mattress is sliding and, as a result, how to solve the issue. With just a few simple tricks, your mattress will be secure in place and you’ll be sleeping much more comfortably.

Check the Bed Frame

The first thing you should do if your mattress is sliding is check the bed frame it’s on. It could be that your mattress is the wrong size so it doesn’t fit the frame properly. Being too large or too small means it isn’t fitting into its slot properly, which results in sliding when the occupant tosses and turns.

Another thing to check for is whether the bed frame has a slight slant or slope. This could result in your mattress sliding more easily during the night. To check, take your mattress off of the frame and gauge either by eye or by using a level measure tool to check if your bed frame is level. If it’s not, you could potentially adjust it by putting small adjusters under the legs of the lower end of the frame.

Get a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are designed to wrap around the bottom of your mattress to ensure the top and sides are protected from outside pollutants like dirt and sweat. However, this gives the added benefit of providing an extra layer of friction against the bed frame for the mattress. This is especially useful if you have a flippable mattress that has upholstery on both sides, as it will provide more friction than regular fabric against a wooden or metal frame.

However, if your mattress starts sliding despite the mattress protector, check the underside of it. You might find the material that stretches around the bottom has worn thin due to rubbing against the bed frame. If it has, it’s time to get a replacement.

Use a Box Spring with a Fabric Top

Box springs and bed frames can work together to keep your mattress off of the floor and extend its lifespan by giving it more support. However, if you choose to forgo the bed frame, use the box spring regardless. After all, a mattress on the floor can still slide, especially if the floor is hardwood or some other smooth material.

A box spring solves the mattress sliding problem by typically being covered in fabric along the top and sides, which will provide friction against the upholstered underside of your flippable mattress. Box springs also have more give to absorb movement, so if you toss and turn or get in and out of bed too quickly, there will be less inertia to make it slide all over the place.

You deserve a mattress that doesn’t slip and slide as you sleep. Get a full night’s rest with a comfortable mattress that fits your bed frame or box spring and keep it safe and secure with a mattress protector. Your body will thank you.


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