FAQs for Adjustable Bases

Mattress with adjustable base

Beds with adjustable bases are all the rage right now. They’re a modern, improved version of the average bed frame designed for optimal comfort. If you’re considering getting one you may have some questions, and we’re here to provide answers. 

Do Adjustable Bases Need Special Mattresses?

While an adjustable base can’t just use any old mattress, they don’t need a specialized mattress. To work with an adjustable base, the mattress must be flexible enough to move with the base as it changes positions. Memory foam or latex mattresses are generally best for this because they have much more flexibility and give than a spring coil mattress.

However, something to note is that if you’re sharing a bed with another person, you might want to consider getting two twin mattresses as opposed to a single king or queen-sized mattress. This way you both can adjust your side of the bed how you like without worrying about disturbing the other.

Adjustable Base

Will I Sleep Better?

Many people who have an adjustable base find they sleep far better than if they were using a regular bed frame. This is because you can adjust the angle you’re sleeping in for optimal comfort. You can lay flat, reclined, upright, and even have your legs and feet up. You’ll be able to find a comfortable position that suits and supports you and program your bed to shift to that position each night.

They’re also great for couples who have individual preferences for the angle they’d like to sleep at. Rather than needing to pick a single angle the bed is at, both parties can have control over their side. On top of that, the adjustable bases have been shown to help with sleep apnea and snoring. This will help improve not only your own sleep quality but your partner’s as well.

Do Adjustable Bases Have Health Benefits?

There are frankly several health benefits to an adjustable base. Being able to sleep upright or at a reclined angle can improve your breathing and circulation. They benefit pregnant women and seniors who might be bedridden or have issues sitting upright on their own. If you suffer from chronic aches and pains, the different positions can reduce the pressure sleeping can put on your joints. They can even help those with digestive problems and heartburn as sleeping upright reduces acid reflux.

Can I Control My Adjustable Base with My Smartphone?

Both the E455 Smart Adjustable Base and the S655 Smart Adjustable Base can connect to your smartphone through your smartphone. Beyond that, you can also make adjustments through voice commands with Siri. Just hook it up to your Bluetooth and your bed will be ready to go.

Is There A Warranty?

Yes! Each adjustable base we sell comes with a 20-year warranty, so if any repairs are needed or issues arise, you’ll be able to get it fixed.

Adjustable bases are some of the most advanced bed frames on the market and may just be the beds of the future. Come to one of our showrooms to try one out for yourself and talk to our mattress crafters about whether or not it’s right for you.


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