What You Need to Know About Online Mattress Reviews

Online Mattress Reviews

If you’ve made the decision that it’s time to replace your mattress, chances are it’s a choice that you know impacts your life in many ways. Namely, the quality of your sleep, and the health of your back and posture. But it also impacts your wallet. So, what goes into your final decision when selecting which mattress to buy?

If you’ve Googled “online mattress reviews,” you know that millions of returns show up instantly. This can be as daunting as it is informative, and you could find yourself turning in circles trying to make sense of conflicting reviews. How do you wade through the information to find the right mattress for your home, your wallet, and most importantly, your spine?

What to Look for in Online Mattress Reviews

Keep the following in mind when reading reviews.

Look for Specifics

Most importantly, look for reviews which list detailed specifics. A review may state “Terrible mattress,” or “The best mattress ever!” but without knowing whether a reviewer has the same mattress qualities and needs in mind that you do, there’s really no way of knowing how accurately the review speaks to your own preferences. What is great about the mattress? What was terrible? Did the support collapse after a short amount of time? Did it withstand years of normal wear and tear?

Look for Commonalities Between Reviews, Both Positive and Negative

If you’re considering a highly reviewed mattress, chances are consumers will share common opinions over its performance. Pay attention to high marks as well as low ones, especially if you find recurring themes in both.

Give extra attention to reviews that include notes about mattress quality as well as company policies and customer service. If you should have to make a warranty claim for any reason, make sure you’re purchasing from a company and manufacturer with reputable and remarkable customer service.

Check the Date of the Reviews

Make sure they’re recent – within a year or two. Manufacturers update their product line regularly, and poring over reviews will only benefit you if they’re recent.

How to Spot Fake Reviews

Unfortunately, many reviews are not authentic or from verified buyers. Here are some quick tips to help you pare away the fakes:

Over-the-Top Positive or Scathing Negative

Gushing reviews may be posted from within the company itself, while scathing reviews may likely be posted by a competitor. Look for a balanced review.

Features Only

If it’s a list of features which can easily be pulled straight from the manufacturer’s website, it’s likely a fake review.

Impressive Vocabulary

If it sounds like something a real person wouldn’t say…it probably isn’t. 

Why You Need to Read Reviews

It may seem like a hassle, but reviews can be extremely helpful when mattress shopping. When you can sift through reviews, you’re doing yourself a favor by reading real information from real people with real experiences. People just like you.

Making the decision to purchase a new mattress is a significant investment, and we don’t want you to take it lightly. You deserve to have full customer satisfaction and doing a bit of homework can save you money and frustration.

At Gardner Mattress, we make high-quality, affordable handmade mattresses. We can help you learn more about what really matters in a good mattress and give you the chance to test drive one yourself. Contact us today.


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