What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

Bad back wrecking your day? There’s many causes of back pain, from chronic conditions to simply getting older. A variety of treatments exist as well; the best course of action is to be sure to discuss your back pain with your physician and gain their opinion on a mattress solution. Also, many mattress sales associates are well-versed in the best types of mattresses for back pain. If you bring your doctor’s recommendation to the knowledgeable staff at a mattress store, they can help you find the best fit.

One simple way to alleviate back pain that is not caused by a chronic condition is to buy a mattress that will support the entire body. When you sleep on an unsupportive mattress, your body is forced into an inadequate position that ends up placing additional strain on your back and hips. When you sleep on a supportive mattress, your spine is able to finally relax from its tough job of holding you up all day. However, don’t fall into the trap of believing that this is the only solution.

Mattresses Can Contribute to Back Pain

If you’re otherwise healthy, it could actually be your mattress that is causing back pain after a night of sleep. When your mattress ages, it begins to sag. This leads to a less supportive sleep environment and contributes to back aches and pain. Also, certain materials, such as soft pillow tops, can also lead to back pain.

Best Beds for Back Pain

There are so many mattress options on the market and choosing the best one for your lower back pain will take some time. This is because there’s actually no one mattress that can eliminate back pain for everyone. Mattress support during sleep is an intensely personal preference and each person should plan to spend a day testing out some mattress options at a store to get a feel for what just plain feels right.

Tips for Choosing a Mattress for a Bad Back

Now that you are aware that each person will have a different mattress preference, here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new bed:

  • Ask about what’s inside. There’s many ways to manufacture a mattress. Some have springs or coils inside, and within that subgroup there are differences in the number of coils and how far apart they are spaced. Foam without any inner coils is another option. And finally, there are mattresses that are a combination of innersprings and foam. Try out at least one of each to see if it is comfortable for you.
  • Think about how you sleep. Do you lay flat on your back? On your stomach? On your side? Whichever way you prefer to sleep, test out a mattress in that exact position to get a true feeling for how supported your body will be. This test will help you determine the best bed to alleviate lower back pain while sleeping.
  • Be ready to give something up. While personal preference plays a big role in mattresses for back pain, you do have to keep in mind that really soft mattresses may exacerbate your pain because they may not have enough support for you. Lay on some mattress with varying degrees of firmness and think about meeting in the middle if you typically prefer a less firm mattress. The added support from the mattress will help ease your back pain.

A high-quality mattress can work wonders on your back pain. Whether your pain is from poor sleep or a condition, a supportive mattress and a solid night’s sleep will get you moving once your feet hit the floor. Contact Gardner Mattress to learn more about discovering a mattress that helps reduce or eliminates back pain.


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