Tips for Breaking in a New Mattress

You might be wondering why you would need to break in your brand-new mattress. After all, the one you tested in our showroom felt great, and our crafters built this one to your specifications. But the fact is, a new mattress is like a new pair of shoes–even if it felt comfortable in the store, it will take some time to fully adjust to daily use.

Luckily, breaking in a new mattress is easy enough, even if it can take between thirty and ninety days to fully adjust. This is why we offer a 90-day risk-free trial, though we are confident that with these tips, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Let It Rest

This step is especially important for one of our memory foam mattresses. It can take a few hours for the foam to fully expand, especially if it was compressed during delivery. But don’t worry, all you have to do is put the bare mattress on the bed and leave it alone, and this step will take care of itself.

Even if you have a spring mattress, letting it rest and air out for a couple hours as opposed to immediately adding the mattress protector and bedding is still a good idea.

Keep the Bedroom Warm

If your mattress has memory foam or latex inside of it, heating up the room to 72 degrees Fahrenheit could help immensely. Memory foam contracts in the cold and expands with heat, so warming up the room will help it achieve the volume and softness you’re expecting.

Roll Around on It

While you should definitely not jump on the bed, rolling around on the bed, especially a spring-top mattress, will help break it in. Rolling your body back-and-forth like a rolling pin or crawling around on it for a few minutes every day could help loosen up the materials faster.

If you feel silly doing this, consider just laying on it in various positions while watching TV or reading a book. Every little bit helps!

Sleep On It Every Night

The mattress isn’t just adjusting to you; you’re adjusting to the mattress as well. Presumably, you’ve slept on your old mattress for many years. The familiarity made it easy enough to fall asleep on, even as you started waking up sore.

In contrast, this new mattress, while better, is unfamiliar to you. You can feel the differences, both good and bad, especially as you’re trying to fall asleep. So as tempted as you might be to give up after one night, it’s important to keep using it. You might want to add a pillow-top mattress pad as the mattress begins to mold to your body, but so long as you keep sleeping in your bed, both you and the mattress will adjust bit-by-bit.

So there you have it! Even if your mattress isn’t instantly comfortable, you’ll be sleeping deeply in no time with these simple tips. 


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