Our Materials: Densified Insulator Pads

Densified Insulator Pad

It’s important to know what materials are in your mattress. After all, you spend up to 2,920 hours a year sleeping in your bed. You shouldn’t have to stress about chemicals or poor-quality materials. This is why we’re putting the spotlight on our densified insulator pads.

These pads are a key feature in our Organic Classic Mattress in our Natural Sleep Collection. If you’re someone who enjoys an organic lifestyle but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort, this mattress is for you. Here is everything you need to know about densified insulator pads and how they’ll provide you with a deep, natural sleep.

Provides Support

If you need a firm mattress, one made with densified insulator pads is the way to go. This material provides the supportive layer between the cotton and wool layers at the top of the mattress and the continuous wire springs at the bottom.

Why is this essential? Because it keeps the softer wool and cotton from sinking into the springs. This way your back retains the support it needs without compromising the integrity of the softer materials on top. Your mattress is less likely to sag and grow lumpy when there’s a dense layer of insulation offering support.

This is also good for your body, especially if you’re a back sleeper. Your shoulders, hips, and spine all need a firm mattress that can evenly distribute your weight to avoid pressure points. As the layer of densified insulator pads keep the softer materials from sinking, your spine will stay aligned and you won’t wake up sore.

Organic Classic

Reduces Motion Transfer

Motion transfer can be a jarring thing when you’re sharing a bed. It could be with your partner, your child, or your pet, but if you’re a light sleeper, the feeling of someone getting up or changing position can affect your sleep. Insulator pads help reduce this motion transfer by providing a dense layer between you and the mattress springs. You’ll sleep soundly and still even when you’re not the only one in the bed.


If you’re someone who cares about the environment, you’ll be happy to hear that densified insulator pads are eco-friendly. They’re made out of recycled materials, which reduces waste and trash sitting in landfills. These materials are also organic, so they’re biodegradable. Densified insulator pads are generally made from a mix of densified cotton, wool, hemp, and coconut fibers. 

Because they’re made from organic materials, this also means that, like the rest of the layers in our Organic Classic Mattress, they’re chemical-free. This is a major benefit to anyone who doesn’t want to risk breathing in toxins while they sleep. It also prevents such chemicals from getting released into the environment when the mattress is disposed of. This will let you sleep at night with a clear conscience.

Every layer of a mattress has an important function, and every material we use in our hand-tufted mattresses is chosen with care. Densified insulator pads offer support and comfort using eco-friendly, recycled materials. Come to one of our showrooms to try out our Organic Classic Mattress and talk to one of the craftsmen who hand-tufts them.


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