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1933 my grandfather founded the Dada mattress corporation we designed cushioning materials so that they suit the individual needs of the customer without a good night’s sleep you’re never going to get through the day properly you’re always going to be on edge it can have serious health side effects including stroke it’s a product you use for six to eight hours a day every day of your life really what what’s the most important factor in choosing a mattress is what kind of upholstery materials are in the mattress themselves which will determine how well it wears how well it supports you over a long period of time sleeping on more natural materials which breathe better sleep cooler wear better over time is much better than sleeping on lots of layers of polyurethane foam that will insulate and make you sleep hotter and disturb a good night’s sleep this is the reason why we custom-made all our bedding and we can literally tweak it redesign a little bit so it makes everybody comfortable and they’ll get a really good night’s sleep tufting process is something we’ve done since the well really since the 1930s different forms but now we have a sheen that helps us hand tough the mattresses but this all pre compresses the materials and helps it so that we don’t get any of that sagging or body impressions over a period of time it’s a superior way to make a mattress a little bit time-consuming but it makes a mattress to last far longer these are these are features you can’t do with something that’s pre-made for everybody else that you bind one of the big-box stores too many synthetic materials are always going to break down in a commercially made mattress when you’re looking at the filling when you’re looking at the cover if they’re not using natural materials if they have no way of compressing the materials then you’re going to have a typical store-bought mattress that doesn’t stand up very long at all you’re gonna get those nice deep body impressions in it not at all like what we make here at Garder mattress

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