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Gardner Mattress | Business Profile

My grandfather founded this business during the Depression we’ve been in business now for 80 years I’m Gardner Sisk I’m president of the Gardner mattress corporation we are considered probably the finest bedding manufacturer in New England we make mostly custom-made bedding sell directly to the public and we make a far superior product to anything you can find commercially the best-known for something we’ve been doing for probably just about all these 80 years and that’s a hand lace tufted predominantly cotton filled mattress your filling materials are what are going to wear well or not wear well in the course of use of your mattress the tufting process simply put compresses the filling materials to the spring thus really alleviating any chance of those those materials settling everything is manufactured for that particular customer we don’t take anything out of stock and it’s all done by hand when a customer comes into garden mattress they can expect to get qualified for the absolute right mattress for them the service will be exceptional and they’ll be really pleased with what they buy

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