Benefits of In-Person Mattress Shopping

Gardner Mattress showroom in Needham, Massachusetts

After several years of being stuck in our homes, buying everything online has become normalized. This is extremely convenient for many purchases, such as groceries, gifts, office supplies, and more. However, one thing you don’t want to get online is a mattress.

It might seem convenient, but a mattress is something you can’t afford to leave to chance. You’ll be using it for 6-8 hours every night, and much of your health depends on getting a good night’s sleep. If the mattress isn’t perfect, you might be in for years of discomfort.

To ensure you get the best product, you need to take a trip to one of our three showrooms. The benefits of shopping in-person for your mattress are well worth getting out of the house.

Test the Product

One of the greatest benefits of shopping for your mattress in-person is that you can test the products. Channel your inner Goldilocks and lay on all the mattresses that catch your eye to figure out if it’s too soft, hard, or just right. In theory you might want a memory foam mattress, but until you test it, you can’t be sure it will support your back properly.

Testing the mattress is especially important if you’re sharing your bed with another person. You need to make sure both of you have enough space to sleep comfortably. If one of you is typically a restless sleeper, you can check for motion transfer. You can also determine if your sleeping positions are compatible with the available surface space.

Testing out the mattresses in-person can also inform you of any potential allergic reactions you might have to a particular material. While many of our products are allergen-free, you’re the best judge of what your body needs.

Mattress Comparison

Get A Sense of Scale

Beds take up a lot of space. While measurements are generally listed on any mattress for sale, until you actually see it in-person, you’ll never really know how big it is.

Seeing the mattress in-person, often on a box spring and basic bed frame, will allow you to visualize how much space it will take up in your room. That will allow you to consider other factors that could have slipped your mind.

Another major factor you’ll be able to determine is how you’ll fit on the bed. If you’re tall, this is critical to ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep. You can’t be sure if you’ll have the space you need until you’re actually laying on the mattress.

Meet the Mattress Builders

Probably the greatest benefit to shopping for a mattress in-person is getting to talk to the experts. When you visit our showrooms, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with the very people stitching your mattress.

Our knowledgeable employees will be able to answer your questions as you think of them. If you get hot at night, they can tell you which materials keep you cooler. If you have back problems, they can give you insight as to which mattress will give you proper support. Talking to them will provide you with a wealth of information personal to your specific needs.

While it might seem inconvenient to leave the house just to buy a mattress, in the end, it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll be able to determine the best product for you far better than you would searching online. So come on down and test out our mattresses today!


Visit one of our three conveniently located showrooms. Our original factory and showroom in Salem, Massachusetts, or one of our newer showrooms in Needham and Woburn.

Gardner Mattress Showroom in Salem, Massachusetts

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