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The Gardner Difference

Producing Handcrafted Quality Mattresses in New England Since 1933

Gardner Mattress doesn’t believe a good night’s sleep can be mass produced. That’s why our mattresses are hand tufted and created with care, without the use of synthetic materials or artificial chemicals.

We believe in real, American craftsmanship and the superior quality that comes from dedication and attention to details.

We believe in sourcing natural materials from around the globe for a more organic sleep.

We believe great comfort and rejuvenating rest shouldn’t be expensive.

The truth is, Gardner Mattresses are different. And that’s a good thing.

“We purchased a queen tufted mattress for ourselves and a sojourn for our oldest daughter who was just leaving the crib. I have to say they are both excellent. I find I sleep far better than before, and the quality of the manufacturing is superior to our last mattress. These are not slapped together in a factory. They are individually made, and it shows.”

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