What Do Seniors Need in a Mattress?

What Do Seniors Need in a Mattress?

Aging in place is becoming more and more common among seniors, especially as the cost of nursing homes and assisted living facilities rise. Whether this means they’re living in their own home or in an in-law suite in their children’s house, it’s important that they have a bed and mattress that will offer them the comfort they need for their golden years.

However, determining the best mattress for seniors is difficult because every individual has their own needs and preferences. So here are some options to consider should the senior in your life require a mattress upgrade.

Temperature-Regulating Materials

Hot flashes and night sweats aren’t uncommon among seniors. The reasons for them may vary from medication side effects to menopause to hyperthyroidism, but the result is seniors getting uncomfortably hot, including while they sleep. In order to keep them more comfortable, consider a mattress that uses materials designed for temperature control. Wool and organic flax are both natural materials that wick away moisture from hot sleepers, so the sleeper won’t awaken in a pool of sweat. Gel-infused memory foam is also good for hot sleepers, as it offers a cooler surface to lay on which greatly reduces the body temperature.

Memory Foam and Latex to Reduce Pressure Spots

Many seniors suffer from arthritis and joint pain, so they need a mattress that can take the pressure off of their joints as they sleep. Memory foam and latex are both great options for this. Memory foam can offer extreme comfort with how soft it is, creating no pressure spots to aggravate your joints. Meanwhile, latex is both soft and offers more buoyancy that allows the sleeper to get in and out of bed more easily than they might with memory foam. What’s important is that your senior sleeper can rest comfortably and without pain, especially if they’re side sleepers.

Latex Mattresses vs. Memory Foam

Coil Springs for Back Support

A lot of seniors have back issues, especially if they had a very labor-intensive life. If they’re back sleepers, they may find a firmer mattress that offers them better support as they sleep. But there should still be some softness to go with the support, which is why a Comfort Support mattress is a good hybrid. The pocketed coils allow for the firm support ideal for the back while the range of soft upholstery layering options can provide the cushioning needed to be comfortable.

Adjustable Bases

Seniors with back and hip problems often have a harder time getting out of bed. A mattress with an adjustable base is frankly perfect for someone, as they can go from horizontal to sitting upright with just the push of a button and no strain on their part. This makes it easier not only to get out of bed but if they do need to spend more time in bed, they‘ll have more back support. They’ll be able to read, watch TV, knit, and eat sitting up without needing to prop a half-dozen pillows behind them.

A good mattress is necessary to provide your senior loved one the rest and comfort they need to happily live out their golden years. Take them to one of our showrooms today so they can talk to our crafters and have the perfect mattress made just for them.


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