Ways to Make Your Mattress More Comfortable While Pregnant

Ways to Make Your Mattress More Comfortable While Pregnant

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Parenthood is a wonderful thing, but for a pregnant woman, it can be daunting as well. Your body is going through changes, from cravings to morning sickness, and you have to adjust your life to accommodate the baby growing inside you. This includes how you sleep. 

It can be extremely difficult to sleep well while pregnant. Pregnancy insomnia is quite common for many mothers-to-be, even though a good night’s sleep is important for keeping your baby and yourself healthy. The reasons why women have a hard time falling asleep vary; you can’t get comfortable, you frequently have to get up to use the bathroom, aches and pains in your back and joints, and even just plain old anxiety over this new and wonderful responsibility.

A comfortable mattress can be the key to actually getting a good night’s sleep while pregnant. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress or planning to make adjustments to the one you already own, here are some tips to make your bed more comfortable.

Get a Memory Foam Mattress

It’s recommended that women in their second and trimesters should sleep on their sides. This is to take the weight of the growing baby off of your lower back and joints. While many people sleep best on firmer mattresses, when you’re pregnant, innerspring mattresses in particular can create uncomfortable pressure points.

Because of this, you should consider a softer mattress that molds to your body while providing support. A soft mattress, like one made of memory foam, can take pressure off of your back and joints, giving you the relief you need to sleep. Your growing belly will feel less like a bowling ball against your spine when it’s properly supported as you sleep.

If you feel a full memory foam mattress might be too much, consider getting a memory foam mattress topper. This way you can soften up a firm mattress during your pregnancy, then go back to your original desired firmness once you’ve had your baby. 

Latex Mattresses vs. Memory Foam

Cooling Materials

Pregnant women tend to run hotter, so it’s important to make sure your mattress is made of materials that can offer you a bit more temperature control. Waking up in a sweaty mess in the morning is one more discomfort you don’t need added to your list. 

Some of the best options for mattress materials to keep you cool are natural materials like organic New Zealand wool, which is breathable and draws away moisture when it’s hot. Organic flax is also ideal as this strong and durable fiber has natural cooling properties perfect for hot sleepers. Gel-infused memory foam has a cooler surface which will aid in a restful sleep. There’s also natural talalay latex which is flexible while maintaining natural cooling properties. Any of these materials will give you a breathable, temperature-controlled mattress perfect for managing hot flashes and night sweats.

Add a Mattress Protector

If your mattress isn’t made of materials that will help keep you cool, consider adding a mattress protector. This will keep your mattress from absorbing sweat and getting dirty throughout your pregnancy. Nighttime accidents are also not uncommon, so a mattress protector is an excellent safeguard against having to clean your whole mattress.

A mattress protector can also be beneficial to have once the baby is born. It can protect against messes like spit-up and other accidents, so you won’t end up with a stained, smelly mattress that needs to be reupholstered.

Adjustable Base

An adjustable mattress base is a high-tech way of giving you extra comfort while you sleep. This mechanical bed frame can be adjusted through your smartphone so you can sleep at comfortable angle. Pregnant women often suffer from heartburn and shortness of breath during the third trimester. Sleeping propped up can be helpful in reducing these issues. With a push of a button, you could adjust your bed to the desired angle to help you sleep.

An adjustable base is also useful if you, like 20% of pregnant women, are prescribed bed rest due to a high-risk pregnancy. Adjustable bases can make it easier to get in and out of bed, putting less strain on your body. They also make it easier to sit up to eat, read, and enjoy other activities without needing to prop up a dozen pillows behind your back for support.

Mattress with adjustable base

Reduce Motion Transfer

When you hit your third trimester, you’ll likely be getting in and out of bed pretty frequently throughout the night. It could be to use the bathroom, the baby has kicked you awake, or you simply need to move around a bit because your thoughts are keeping you awake. Regardless, you risk waking up your partner every time you get up. Or worse, you’ve finally managed to fall asleep, only to be awakened by your partner getting out of bed.

This can be extra irritating when you’re already sleep deprived, so you would be wise to get a mattress that reduces motion transfer. There are a few ways to do this, including getting a large bed or a softer mattress. This way neither partner is constantly disturbed when the other has to get up. A bed with reduced motion transfer is also advisable after the baby is born. After all, both parents will be getting up frequently at night for feedings and diaper changes.

Use the Bed Only for Sleeping

Unless you’re on doctor-prescribed bed rest, it’s generally best to not use the bed except when you’re ready to sleep. This is good advice in general, as it extends the life and support of the mattress. It’s also good for you psychologically to only associate your bed with sleep. Scroll on your phone shopping for baby clothes or read books on parenthood on the couch. This way, by the time you get to bed, your mind will be calmed enough to fall asleep more easily.

If you’re pregnant or looking to become pregnant, this is the perfect time to look into getting a new mattress. A new stage of your life is beginning, and it’s one you’ll need a good, restful night’s sleep for. So come down to one of our showrooms and discuss with a consultant what type of mattress will offer you the comfort and support you need to sleep well through your pregnancy and beyond.


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