Start the Year Off Right: The Benefits of Investing in a New Mattress

Start the year off on the right side of the bed by investing in a new mattress! A new bed not only improves your sleep quality, but your life in general. This year, make your health and well-being a priority. 

Sleep Quality

One of the most obvious benefits of having a new mattress is the improved sleep quality. While you might have gotten used to the sagginess of your mattress or the spring that continues to stab you at the wrong angle, is it worth tossing and turning? 

While you might be okay with diminished sleep, your health will soon tell you otherwise. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Good sleep improves your brain performance, mood, and health. Not getting enough quality sleep regularly raises the risk of many diseases and disorders. These range from heart disease and stroke to obesity and dementia.”

Based on the NIH research, healthy sleep encompasses three major things:

  1. How much sleep do you get?
  2. The quality of sleep you get that’s uninterrupted and refreshing
  3. A consistent sleep schedule

Can a bad mattress help you sleep better? Probably not. Why risk your well-being?


Create An Oasis

Maybe for the new year you’ve considered getting a mattress pad and a new sheet set to really make your bed an oasis you’ll want to crawl into every night. As with many things in life, if the foundation isn’t solid, it’s bound to not work out in the long term.

If you know your mattress isn’t up to par, taking smaller steps to update your bed won’t last for long. The mattress pad might make your bed feel like a cloud, but if the mattress is sinking in a spot, you’ll end up on a lopsided cloud. 

While investing in a new mattress can seem daunting, working with Gardner Mattress professionals can make all the difference. By visiting one of our showrooms, you can speak to an associate and ask any questions about the future mattress of your dreams. 


Know What You Need

While you consider investing in a mattress, it’s good to start thinking ahead and planning accordingly. You don’t want to leap up from bed so fed up with the spring that keeps poking you that you run out to buy the very first mattress you come across. If you’re investing in a new mattress and in your health, you want to know what you need. 

An associate can guide you on finding the perfect mattress made of quality materials. They can also advise you on how to take care of the mattress and avoid some of the issues you had previously. like rotating your mattress every few months. 

Interested in using only the best of organic materials for your mattresses? We can help with that! Take a look through the Gardner mattress website to decide what would work best for you. Springs? An organic memory foam? At Gardner, we have a number of options for various types of mattresses. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone! Visit one of our showrooms and one of our associates can help you guide you on finding the perfect mattress made of quality materials. 


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