Spotlight: Natural Sleep Collection

Not all mattresses are created equal, as proven by our top-quality mattresses. However, for some, quality is not enough. The materials need to be as organic as they are luxurious. So if you’re the kind of person who won’t settle for a traditional mattress or if you’re trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle or you’re sensitive to allergens, our collection may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Natural Sleep Collection ensures that discerning sleepers won’t have to sacrifice comfort or their lifestyle. We’ve chosen materials that are both high-quality, responsibly sourced, and free of chemicals, resulting in mattresses that will give you a deep sleep and are better for the environment.

Why Go Natural?

There are so many reasons why an organic mattress is ideal. For starters, mattresses sold in the United States are required to be fire-retardant. Many traditional mattresses meet this standard with chemical treatments. However, our natural materials achieve these standards without chemical treatments, meaning you won’t have to deal with potential long-term side effects of breathing in toxic chemicals.

On top of that, organic materials like our New Zealand wool and long strand mane and tail horse hair offer natural support and temperature control. Hot sleepers won’t have to worry about waking up in a bed drenched with sweat as the materials wick away moisture.

The final reason to get an organic mattress is that, when it reaches the end of its long lifespan, it’s biodegradable. Conventional mattresses take decades to biodegrade and take up 144,000 cubic yards of landfill space if uncompressed. Massachusetts has been combating this problem by banning them from landfills, as more than 75% of their components can be reused, but with natural materials, that 25% that can’t be recycled will still only take a fraction of the time to biodegrade that conventional materials would.

Our Natural Materials

Our first products were horsehair mattresses, so natural materials have always had a presence at Gardner Mattress. Since then we’ve expanded to other organic options, including organic cotton batting, organic wool, organic flax and natural talalay latex. All of our mattresses use high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, meaning you will receive peace of mind as well as comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Organic New Zealand Wool

Natural Sleep Collection Mattresses

All Natural Sleep Collection mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, though custom sizes are available. You can go without a box spring, or you can get one in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, or Split Queen sizes. If you have a King mattress, pair two Twin XL box springs.

Organic Classic

You can live a chemical free, organic life without sacrificing quality or comfort in your mattress. The Organic Classic mattress features the same design and craftsmanship as our Signature Tufted mattress, but made with natural materials.

Encased within woven organic cotton fabric is organic New Zealand wool followed by three layers of organic cotton batting, two layers of densified insulator pads, and a bottom support layer of continuous wire springs. 9.5 inches thick, this firm mattress not only provides great back support, but is also flippable. This means it will last even longer than a standard mattress, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

Organic Harmony

Did you know latex can be chemical free? It’s true! Natural latex does not provoke latex allergies and will keep common mattress pests at bay even without chemicals. It’s an amazing material that allows you to sleep deeply and peacefully.

The Organic Harmony mattress is made with organic cotton covering with wool backing, surrounding a 3 inch comfort layer of natural talalay latex atop a 6 inch natural talalay latex core. This results in a 9 inch thick mattress that is the softest mattress in the Natural Sleep Collection. This mattress is great for reducing motion transfer if you sleep with a partner and don’t wish to disturb them when getting up.

Organic Luxe

The Organic Luxe mattress is the ultimate way to experience handcrafted luxury. It combines all the best mattress qualities we offer; organic materials, hand-tufted upholstery, temperature control, flippable, and the perfect balance between firm and soft.

This hand tufted mattress is encased in knit organic cotton fabric. Beneath the upholstery lays a layer of New Zealand organic wool is tacked for loft, immediately followed by an inch of natural talalay latex. Another layer of wool provides additional breathability, and the Quantum Edge pocketed coil spring system at the bottom keeps everything supported. The final product is a 10.5 inch thick mattress that ensures premium comfort.

Organic Ultra Luxe

If you thought the Organic Luxe was the best of the best, the Organic Ultra Luxe will blow your mind. This mattress features horsehair, which is an even finer, more luxurious upholstery material that is even softer and sleeker than cotton. Like all the Natural Sleep Collection, it’s made without harsh chemicals as horsehair is a natural pest-repellent, as well as being anti-fungal, antibacterial, and allergen-free.

A lot goes into this mattress to provide the ultimate product. Within the woven organic cotton casing starts a layer of organic New Zealand wool that’s been tacked for loft. Beneath that is an inch of that luxurious long strand mane and tail horsehair. Then there’s an inch of natural talalay latex followed by two layers of organic cotton batting. Another layer of fully tacked wool, then the mattress is finished off with a Quantum Edge pocketed coil spring system. The final result is a 13 inch flippable mattress, which is the thickest mattress in the collection.

Adding to the opulence is a very unique box spring exclusive to this mattress. It’s an eight way hand-tied box spring that creates a softer feel and adds an even longer lifespan to the Organic Ultra Luxe mattress.

Organic Ergo

If you’re looking for a soft sleep with minimal motion transfer and no sagging, the Organic Ergo mattress is for you. Our Soft Support pocketed coil style mattress has been reborn to provide a full night of soft, chemical-free rest.

Under the woven organic cotton fabric lies a layer of organic New Zealand wool to maintain temperature control and provide softness. Beneath that is three whole layers of organic cotton batting so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. One more layer of wool sandwiches the cotton, and then the Quantum Edge pocketed coil spring system supports it all to prevent sagging. In the end you get a 10.5 inch thick flippable mattress that will give you an incredible night’s sleep.

Organic Vegan

Did you know that a mattress can be vegan? While many of our organic mattresses use animal products like wool or horsehair, we want to make sure those who live a vegan lifestyle can also sleep in comfort. That’s why we created the Organic Vegan mattress for the collection.

Your peace of mind starts with the woven organic cotton fabric that surrounds the vegan inner materials. Within you’ll find up to fifty pounds of cotton batting–that’s three whole layers! Under the cotton is an organic flax pad that is nearly as good as wool in terms of natural cooling properties. The Quantum Edge pocketed coil spring system provides a base that ensures you’ll be supported as you sleep peacefully on this 10.5 thick mattress.

If you’re looking to sleep well on a chemical-free, organic mattress, come visit our showrooms and meet the team that will build your dream mattress. Ask questions about the materials, discuss which of the Natural Sleep Collection will suit your needs the best, and prepare to sleep in comfort with peace of mind.


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