Sleep Better Thanks to These Debunked Mattress Myths

The truth about mattresses and disproving the myths

There are a lot of mattress myths out there, from old wives’ tales to simply outdated information still regarded as fact. There are so many myths that we’ve written about them before

Yet there are still more out there. It keeps people up at night and makes it harder for them to find the mattress that will suit them best. We’re here to set the record straight, debunk these mattress myths, and give you the knowledge you need to make an informed choice when buying your next mattress. 

All Mattresses Are Pretty Much the Same

Every mattress is different because they’re designed to accommodate different positions, comfort levels, and sleep needs. You’ll find mattresses made with organic materials, synthetic materials, springs, memory foam, latex, and more, with each layer of material changing the mattress in unique ways. So don’t just buy any old mattress and call it a day. Test out your mattresses and do your research, because not all mattresses are the same and are not created equal. 

Memory Foam Makes You Hot

This is a myth with some truth to it. Some memory foam mattresses can make people who run hotter at night feel warm. However, a lot of it has to do with how deep your body sinks into the memory foam. That’s what traps the heat. A good solution to this is to get a mattress with gel infused memory foam. This material provides a cooler surface for hot sleepers that will still mold to your body and give ample support.

Dust Mites and Dead Skin Weigh Down Your Mattress

Mattresses doubling in weight within a decade due to dust mites and dead skin is one of the oldest wives’ tales out there. But the truth is, there is zero evidence behind this claim. While there can be a build-up of dead skin and debris, it’s not even close to enough to make a noticeable difference in weight for your mattress.

If you’re still paranoid about dead skin and dust mites accumulating, there’s thankfully an easy solution – keep your mattress clean. It’s honestly easier than you think. You can vacuum both innerspring and memory foam mattresses to remove any debris that might be building up on the surface. You can also use a mattress protector, which can be easily stripped and cleaned along with your sheets. That will get rid of any dust mites or dead skin from getting into your mattress.

A New Mattress Instantly Cures Insomnia

As much as we wish it were the case, a new mattress won’t instantly cure your insomnia or other sleep disorders. In fact, you usually need to give a brand-new mattress some time before you can fully sleep comfortably, as it takes a while for your body to adjust. This is precisely why we offer a 90-day risk-free trial so you can be certain your new mattress is right for you.

However, a new mattress could indeed help with your insomnia! Short-term (acute) insomnia is typically a result of an environment that’s not conducive to a good night’s sleep. A new mattress, once properly broken in, can provide you with better support and comfort, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep much more easily.

A Bigger Mattress Is Better

We’ve all heard that bigger is better, but we’re talking about mattresses, where it’s most certainly untrue. For some, a king-sized mattress is ideal for your room, comfort level, and the amount of people sharing the bed. A bigger mattress can reduce motion transfer and keep someone from overheating due to their shared body heat. Yet it might not be the right sized mattress for your needs. Such a mattress could be too big to comfortably fit in your bedroom, or you sleep more comfortably cuddled up close to your partner. Bigger mattresses can solve some problems, but if those aren’t your problems, it might be smarter to go with a smaller mattress.

Mattress Size Guide

The Longer the Warranty, the Longer the Mattress Lifespan

You might be tempted to go with whichever mattress has the longest warranty, regardless of manufacturer. A long warranty implies that you’ll have it for that long, right? After all, a mattress is an investment; you want to get the most use for your money. But the truth is that the length of a warranty really doesn’t have any bearing on how long your mattress’ lifespan is expected to be.

Now, you do want a warranty that will last you several years so the full lifespan of your mattress is covered. However, just because a company says you’re covered for 10 years doesn’t mean the mattress will actually last that long. Many might have caveats that allow them to get out of replacing or fixing your mattress due to general wear and tear. So you could be covered under warranty for several years, but that could just be for certain defects or accidents. What you want is a high-quality mattress with a long warranty. This way your mattress will last a long time throughout its use and be covered should there be issues.

All Mattresses Are Naturally Fire-Resistant

While all mattresses must be fire-resistant per US law, in order to prevent accidents due to smoking in bed and unattended candles, not all mattresses are naturally fire-resistant. Organic mattresses are made with organic materials like cotton, wool, and horsehair, which all have natural fire-resistant properties. Synthetic materials, however, need to be treated with chemicals to become fire-resistant. So, if you’re looking to avoid chemicals and sleep on a naturally flame-resistant mattress, go with mattresses from the Organic Sleep Collection.

Memory Foam Mattresses Smell Bad

A common misconception about memory foam mattresses is that they smell bad. Admittedly, many do tend to give off a slight odor when they are first removed from their packaging. However, generally this odor fades after being left out of the packaging. When you first get your memory foam mattress, leave it out of the packaging for a few days. This is so it can expand to its full size after being compressed during delivery. As it expands the mattress will air out, which will help the initial odor fade.

If you’re sensitive to smells, do some research into the type of foam that’s being used in your mattress. For example, we use CertiPUR-US polyurethane foam, which has low VOCs and is made with no mercury, lead, or heavy metals. For an organic alternative, natural talalay latex is allergen-free and generally odorless, so you’ll get the same comfort as a memory foam mattress.

As you shop for your next mattress, don’t be led astray by mattress myths. Do your research, ask the expert craftspeople questions at our showrooms, and consider the facts to get the mattress of your dreams.


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