Our Materials: Joma Wool

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At Gardner Mattress we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, so we would never use subpar quality material to create the mattresses of your dreams. Today, we’ll discuss our use of Joma Wool and how it meets our standards. 

Organic Classic, Organic Ergo, and Organic Ultra Luxe are just some of the mattresses that we use this type of wool. It creates a breathable layer that is great for retaining heat naturally during the colder months without having to worry about it doing the same during the summer. A base of wool can be added to other mattresses in our natural and traditional collections as well. If there are particular things you need from your mattress, a Gardner associate would be happy to work with you when designing your mattress. 

About the Joma Wool

We love using products made right here at home, but Joma Wool is an exception for its unique physical properties. 

Ethically resourced, sheep are raised and graze along the New Zealand farms and grassy knolls. Free from litter and plastics both internally and externally, the sheep live a happy and healthy life.

Joma Wool takes sustainability very seriously and aims to minimize waste and pollution with their circular model of production. From ethical farming, gentle shearing, wool processing, to the creation of high-quality sleep products (like our mattresses), they create long lasting products that are biodegradable unlike plastic based, synthetic fibers which are non-renewable and release microplastics. It is estimated that these types of fibers could take more than 20 years to degrade. 

Instead, Joma Wool and their regenerative agriculture helps to reverse climate change. How? “By Restoring soil’s organic matter and biodiversity, providing more effective carbon sequestration.” Joma Wool is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and meets the globally standardized mark of quality textile products. With their dedication to following the recognized “five freedoms” for animal welfare, you know the products being used are ethically sourced and made with the sheep’s wellbeing in mind. 

Why Shearing Happens

As you may know, sheep must be sheared or they could develop harmful diseases, dangerous matting that attracts bugs, or die from heat stroke. There are instances of sheep who have wandered far from their caregivers and in the intervening months grow so much hair they’re unable to walk because of the tremendous weight. 

Since sheep were cultivated over thousands of years for their wool, they don’t naturally shed at the same rate they once did. In order to live a long and healthy life, shearing a few times a year when their coat becomes overgrown is necessary.

We do respect that some people feel more comfortable using entirely vegan options for their mattresses, and we offer an Organic Vegan mattress. 

Do you have questions about our products and mattresses? Want to try them for yourself? Contact us today by calling 1-800-564-2736 or visiting one of our showroom locations. 


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