Natural Sleep vs Traditional Collection: Which to Choose?

Blog Title: Natural Sleep vs Traditional Collection: Which to Choose?

When you’re shopping around for a new mattress, you’ll notice that we feature two distinct collections: Traditional and Natural Sleep. You might be wondering what makes these two collections different. They’re both collections of high-quality, hand-tufted mattresses, right? 

While this is true, the two collections do have some distinct differences that set them apart. These distinctions can make all the difference to the sleeper, so it’s important to know which collection will work best for you.

Traditional Collection

The Traditional Collection of mattresses offers sleepers mattresses with a classic, timeless look and feel. From plush, pillow-top mattresses to firm and supportive mattresses, there is something for everyone no matter their sleep position or support needs.

These mattresses are durable and use quality materials that range from woven cotton blend fabrics to continuous wire springs to memory foam. This means you’ll get materials that will provide comfort for longer, which is great for your back and your budget.

The Traditional Collection is the collection where you’ll find mattresses made with polyurethane foam and gel-infused memory foam. If you’re someone who needs an especially soft bed, you’re more likely to find it in this collection.

Latex Mattresses vs. Memory Foam

Natural Sleep Collection

The Natural Sleep Collection’s biggest draw is the organic materials used to make their mattresses. Completely free of any chemical treatments, these materials are naturally fire-resistant and hypo-allergenic. This benefits both you and the environment. There will also be practically no material you don’t recognize, as everyone is familiar with wool, cotton, horse hair, and latex. This puts the minds of many shoppers and sleepers at ease in a world where you’re surrounded by unrecognizable synthetic materials. 

If you’re someone who prefers to live an organic, animal product-free lifestyle, the Natural Sleep Collection is where you’ll find the Organic Vegan Mattress. You can dream green and sleep guilt-free on a completely eco-friendly mattress.

Organic materials are also more biodegradable, which means that when you eventually have to throw out your mattress, it won’t spend as long in a landfill. As mattresses can take up a lot of space in a landfill, this helps prevent them from getting overfilled with trash and new ones being built, which is better for the environment.

All of our mattresses are made with high-quality materials and are designed to provide years of comfort, support, and good sleep. But it’s the little details that make a mattress perfect for your sleep needs, so be sure to do your research before shopping for your new mattress. Also, be sure to come to one of our three showroom locations to shop in person and talk to the people who will craft your mattress so you can ask them any questions and get insight on materials and support from the experts.


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