More Tips for Better Sleep


We’ve offered tips for better sleep in the past, but with all the different sleep disorders, needs, and mattresses out there, that was just scratching the surface. We at Gardner Mattress are sleep experts thanks to years of handcrafting high-quality mattresses, so here are more tips on how to get better sleep.

Clean Your Mattress

If you’re a person who suffers from allergies, you should take the time to clean your mattress. Dust, dead skin, and other things that could aggravate your allergies naturally start to build up on the surface of your mattress after a while. So the next time you strip your bed to wash the sheets, clean your mattress, too.

It doesn’t have to be a deep clean, though doing that once in a while can be beneficial, too. But just going over the surface of your mattress with the carpet attachment of your vacuum cleaner will remove whatever allergens might have built up in the fabric. Also, take some time to wipe down your bed frame to get rid of dust and allergens that could be clinging to it.

Use an Adjustable Base

Adjustable bases are ideal if you need to sleep at a specific angle to sleep. For example, people with conditions like sleep apnea might need to sleep at an incline to keep their airways from getting blocked. Others might have circulation issues that require them to sleep with their feet elevated, as this increases blood flow and reduces swelling.

Whatever the condition, an adjustable base can shift into that exact angle you find most comfortable with a click or a remote or your Smartphone. This will help you sleep more soundly and even mitigate certain health issues.

Mattress with adjustable base

Regulate Your Body Temperature

If you’re a hot sleeper, then you probably don’t get the best sleep. How could you when you’re waking up in a puddle of your own sweat every night? A lot of different things can cause night sweats, but your mattress can help keep your body temperature regulated so you sleep better.

Mattresses with cooling materials or materials that wick away sweat are an absolute must if you’re a hot sleeper. Gel-infused memory foam, organic flax, and cotton batting are all materials you should look for when picking out a mattress. They’ll keep you from getting overheated and sweating, which will lead to a more comfortable, consistent sleep.

Get a Box Spring

Are you being kept awake by motion transfer? This commonly occurs from a restless partner tossing and turning or getting up throughout the night. A box spring can help reduce motion transfer and offer extra support to your mattress. It helps absorb the impact of the body moving around and even adds height so when your partner finally collapses back into bed, they won’t have as far to fall, which further reduces the impact on the bed.

A good night’s sleep can be hard to get sometimes, but if you know what the issue is, you can find a way to solve it. Your mattress is a major factor in your nightly sleep quality, so think about what you can do to make it more comfortable and whether you might need a new one.


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