Mattress Toppers (Video)

Kirk Forsyth of Gardner Mattress talks about mattress toppers, how they can extend the life of your mattress, and the upcoming Gardner Mattress mattress topper program.

Can I add comfort to my existing mattress by adding a topper?

Toppers are a real good solution. It’s kind of like adding a pillow top to a mattress that, so long as it’s in good shape (which you were mentioning), they will solve that comfort issue very, very easily, and very effectively as well. There are a lot of different types of products out there. Some are going to add some heat, generally thicker latexes, or even memory foams, things you sink into a lot, you’re just, again, retaining your own heat.

We’re in the process of creating a little more natural type of a topper program where we’re going to use materials like latex but then wrap them in cotton batting and hand tuft them to create something that still gives you a lot of cushion, a lot of functionality in that regard, but not as much heat retention, because you’ve got those layers of either wool or cotton sort of as a natural breathable barrier between your body and the actual cushioning material itself. Interesting program. It’s not totally put together, but it’s coming along pretty quickly, so we should have that ready to go soon.

How thick will your new mattress toppers be?

I would say they’re probably going to be a minimum of four inches, because again we’re using a two inch piece of latex and then accompanying that with sometimes probably a thinner bat of cotton. We don’t want them overly, overly thick, but some of them when we do ones that are going to have multiple layers of natural fibers in between the latex and the soft coverings, they can get up to probably six inches, six inches tall and they are going to function just like a mattress, so they can be flipped, as well.

It actually adds life to your mattress as well because now you’re not putting as much pressure on the mattress itself. Actually the topper is absorbing a lot of your weight or you down force on the mattress. There are a lot of benefits to those types of things.

Also, if you bought a flippable mattress, but you like the feel … or you want a flippable mattress but you like the feel of a pillow top, well here’s the solution. You buy a very reliable, flippable mattress, and then you get the topper for the comfort layer as a separate piece. You’re going to get the best of both worlds. You’re going to get a really long-lasting, reliable mattress that you’re not going to have to replace nearly as often because of the topper protecting the mattress, but also making the mattress much more comfortable.


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