What to Look for in a Tufted Mattress

Tufted Mattress

If you’ve decided to buy a tufted mattress, you may be wondering what qualities you need. Not all tufted mattresses are the same, and to ensure you get the best mattress possible, you need to know what to look for. You also need to be ready to make a few decisions along the way. Keep these tips in mind when shopping.

Look for Mattresses with Pre-Compressed Materials

To make a high quality tufted mattress, the materials need to be compressed together before the tufting happens. This simple step helps to keep the materials from shifting over time. Compression also helps to prevent sagging and uneven depressions from forming while you use the mattress.

If the materials are simply laid on top of each other and then tufted together, they will fall apart more quickly, and they won’t provide as comfortable of a sleeping surface for you. 

Insist on Hand Tufted Mattresses

Hand tufted mattresses offer superior quality to machine tufted mattress. With hand tufting, a machine compresses the layers of material together. Then, a skilled craftsperson does the tufting. They use high quality tufting straps and a long needle. Their training, expertise, and watchful eye ensures that the mattress is put together correctly and efficiently.

In contrast, when a mattress is machine tufted, the materials are compressed by a machine as explained above. However, rather than having a craftsperson complete the process, a machine continues to do the work. A fully automatic mattress tufting machine features a tool that rolls along tracks over the surface of the mattress.

As this machinery moves along, it periodically punches a tuft into the mattress. This yields a lower quality result that’s more prone to falling apart than a hand tufted mattress.

Opt for High Quality Mattress Materials

In addition to choosing mattresses that are tufted by hand, you also need to look for mattresses that are made with quality materials. Tufting together subpar materials results in a subpar final product.

Ideally, you want to choose organic or all-natural materials for your bedding. Unfortunately, many inexpensive mattresses feature polyurethane or other synthetic materials that can off-gas as you sleep. Additionally, those materials contain chemicals that don’t stop mold, mildew, or bacteria from accumulating in your mattress.

These chemicals can often lead to illnesses or allergies over time. To minimize those risks, look for natural cotton, wool, or latex that naturally resists dust mites, mildew, and bacteria. 

Choose Manufacturers Offering Organic or Vegan Upgrades

Some mattresses manufacturers start with high quality natural materials for their basic mattress options, but they allow you to upgrade as desired. If you’re looking for a high quality tufted mattress, you may want to look for a company that offers those types of upgrades.

Then, if you have health issues or if you just prefer organic products, you can upgrade to a mattress with all organic materials. Similarly, if you live a vegan lifestyle, you can also choose a mattress that reflects your values.

Select Pocket Spring Coils

You can get tufted mattresses with a range of fillings and construction options. However, you may want to look for pocket spring coils. This contrasts with innerspring mattresses.

Basically, innerspring mattresses contain a contiguous layer of springs throughout the entire mattress. This is a sturdy, traditional approach to mattress making, but it’s not as comfortable as pocket spring coils. With pocket spring coils, each coil is individual. That makes these mattresses conform to your shape better, and it helps to prevent movement in one part of the mattresses from affecting the entire mattresses.

Consider Made-to-Order Tufted Mattresses

You may want to choose a mattress manufacturer that can make your tufted mattress when you order it. Surprisingly, this process may not take as long as you expect. When you get a mattress that is made to order, it can be completed and delivered to you within seven to ten days. When a mattress is handcrafted to your specifications, you can rely on it to be exactly what you want.

Look for a Comfort Guarantee

Finally, look at the return policy. Ideally, you want to buy a mattress from a company that allows you to return the mattress if you aren’t satisfied. That’s convenient for you, and it creates a virtually risk-free buying experience. It also indicates that the manufacturer is confident about the product and its quality.

If you’re ready for a made-to-order hand tufted mattress, start your search with Gardner Mattress. Our Signature Tufted mattress is a great option, but you can also opt for tufted upholstery with many of our other mattress options. We also have organic and vegan upgrades available on many of our high-quality options. Contact us today at 1-800-564-2736 for more information.


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