Is a King-Sized Mattress Right for You?

Blog Title: Is a King-Sized Mattress Right for You?

Everyone has heard of a king-sized mattress. King mattresses are often associated with luxury and opulence. After all, they’re one of the main features advertised in the super-deluxe rooms in hotels, and often pictured in mansions. But they aren’t just for the rich and famous. King-sized mattresses can be found in the homes of regular people, too. But is a king-sized mattress for you?

More Space for Sleeping

Mattress size matters. While quality mattresses can be found in any size, they aren’t one-size-fits-all. For example, a tall person needs a twin XL mattress rather than a twin mattress, and two people are rarely comfortable sharing a single twin. That’s why size is the biggest appeal of a king bed.

With a king-sized mattress, you can enjoy more space than you’ll know what to do with. It’s a boon for tall people who like to spread out without worrying about their feet hanging over the side of the mattress. King mattresses are longer than your standard twin or full-sized mattresses, so the taller you are, the more you might want to consider a king mattress.

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Great for Multiple Sleepers

King-sized mattresses are especially great when you’re sharing your bed with another person. They offer plenty of room for you both to spread out comfortably, which is great for people who like their space. This is vital if one or both of you are restless sleepers. Motion transfer is a major problem when two people share a mattress. Due to how much space a king mattress has, motion transfer becomes less of an issue, even with a firm mattress.

Consider Your Room Size

The key thing to remember is that a king-sized mattress is big. That means it will take up more room than your average mattress. So if your bedroom is on the smaller side, you may have to either stick with a smaller mattress or make some sacrifices in terms of furniture or decor.

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it deserves prime real estate. However, your bed shouldn’t take up so much space that you can’t walk around your room easily. Otherwise, you risk it being a safety hazard in an emergency. Measure your room and consider the space carefully before buying a king.

King vs California King

King mattresses might seem like the biggest option out there, but they have one rival – the California king mattress. While king mattresses are typically 80” long by 76” wide, California kings are 84” long by 72” wide. So California kings are longer but lose a few inches in width. For some, this doesn’t matter much, but for others, it can make a big difference.

When buying a mattress, you should always consider your needs, especially when it comes to size. A king-sized mattress could be the most comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep on. Come to one of our showrooms and try one out and decide if it’s the perfect mattress for you.


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