How to Upgrade Your Bed to Hotel Level Comfort

Plush hotel bed with white sheets.

One of the most enjoyable parts of booking a night in a hotel is the promise of relaxing between fresh sheets, wrapping yourself up in a plush comforter akin to a cloud, and absolutely passing out like a baby on a mattress fit for Goldilocks herself. 


For many people, the hotel bed is the utmost standard of comfort in a bed and viewed as unattainable. Although you cannot emulate the excitement and escapism of staying somewhere new, it is very easy to upgrade your daily sleep experience through investing in only a few key pieces.  


Smooth and Breathable Sheets 


One of the most important components of your bed is the sheets you select. There are many different types of sheets available to buy on the market, however, in order to emulate the same look and feel of a hotel bed you’ll want to opt for a certain kind. 


Different hotels use different materials for their sheets, so it really comes down to preference. There are, however, certain standards you should use when shopping for a new set to ensure you get a high quality hotel feel. Mainly, you’ll want to stay away from materials such as microfiber, flannel, or jersey, which can make you more prone to sweat while sleeping. Opting for a cooler material such as linen or cotton will keep you cool and comfy while also having a softer and smoother feel. 


High Quality Mattress 


Although the most pricey component of any bed, your mattress is also the most important factor in your sleeping comfort. High quality sheets, blankets, and pillows will not be able to remedy the woes of a bad mattress. 


Although the price tag of a high quality mattress can be intimidating, it is important to view such a purchase as an investment rather than a one time splurge. The quality of your mattress determines the quality of your sleep, and is the foundation upon which you can build your comfortable bed. 


Instead of going the cheap route and ordering a mattress from Amazon or some other wholesale retailer, opt for choosing a locally made and responsibly sourced mattress. Choosing a mattress that is specifically designed for your comfort preferences, like the selection offered at Gardner Mattress, is a guaranteed way to know you are getting the highest quality and therefore, comfort, possible. 


Supportive Pillows 


A huge part of a good hotel bed experience is dependent on the kind of pillow you’re laying your head down on. We have all had those nights where you wake up with a sore neck because your head wasn’t supported correctly. Or worse, when you slept at your friend’s house and they threw you a deflated pillow, so you stayed up all night tossing and turning as you felt the blood rushing to your head. 


The importance of a good pillow cannot be understated. In order to get that hotel level comfort, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that is very plush but also firm enough to support your head. Also be wary of materials, if you experience allergies you may want to shy away from feather stuffed pillows which is a common trigger. 


Visual Aesthetic 


Now that you’ve got the feel down, don’t forget about the look. Many hotels primarily use sheets that are neutral in color- either a true white, cream, or beige color palette. Although the color palette does not necessarily contribute to the feel or comfort, it will help elevate the luxurious feeling you associate your new bed with. 

There are many components that go into the luxury of a hotel bed, and all are easily accessible at home! In the case of all bedding, however, you do get what you pay for. Making an investment in high quality sheets, pillows, and the most important part, a mattress, will have you missing your own bed the next time you book a hotel.


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