How To Sleep Comfortably Between Seasons

Interior photo of bedroom with natural bright light

You toss this way. Toss that way. You flip over the pillow desperate to find a cooler side that is unfortunately nonexistent during this temperamental weather. Another rainy, dreary night comes with autumn weather, but the humidity continues to rise and rise. Now you feel like you just swam 500 meters in a lake. 

We both know that isn’t a restful experience, so how are you going to get to sleep under these conditions?

Below are a few ways to avoid the awkward, uncomfortableness that occurs in-between fall and winter.  

Keep Your AC Installed 

When the weather is finally cooling down, there is nothing better than knowing your electric bill will finally also dwindle down. While air conditioning is a welcome invention, it does require a lot of power and can be costly. But while summer is technically over and it should be sweater weather, you may still experience above average hot and/or humid days. It might be helpful prior to bed to cool down your bedroom. 

Sleep experts at the Sleep Foundation have found that “ the ideal bedroom temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius).” 

That might seem too cold for you and for others, but it will help you fall asleep by lowering your core temperature. 



Dehumidifiers are also another option. Even a 65 degree room temperature can feel hotter and stickier when humidity is hanging in the air. Using a dehumidifier to alleviate and take out the moisture in the air will be worth it in the long run to avoid waking up in a sweat.  

Another bonus of using a dehumidifier is that it will reduce many common allergy symptoms and even calm your asthma. A win-win! And keep in mind, dust mites actually need humidity in order to live, a dehumidifier will help keep them from getting worse over time. 


Switch The Sheets

Have you ever put away all your summer outfits, dragged out all your winter clothes, only to realize the next few days will be 65 degrees or higher? Sometimes we get so excited by the few below 50 degree days that we don’t consider how much the weather can and will fluctuate before winter fully settles in. 

Sheets can be confusing with so many thread counts and material types. One thing is for certain though, using the wrong type of sheets during this time could be why you’re uncomfortable. If you pulled out all your winter clothes and put flannel sheets on your bed with the heavier duvet comforter — you might need to switch back to linen at least for a little while. 

A Better Mattress

If you’ve tried everything so far and your bed is just retaining your body heat to such an extent it’s causing you to overheat, you may want to consider getting a new mattress with better airflow. Also, if you do choose a memory foam mattress, you’ll want to make sure the support you’re using also encourages air flow, otherwise the dense foam of your mattress will continue to retain heat. 


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