How to Find the Best-Rated Mattress in Your Area

Best-Rated Mattress

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, the last thing you want to do is drop way too much money on something that will wear out, sag, cause back pain, or restless nights. How do you find the best-rated mattress in your area? Here are some tips.

Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, finding and comparing mattress ratings is easy. Customers can also find out more from the company or manufacturer about what makes their mattress unique and how it will improve your rest.

You can also tailor your internet search to reflect your specific needs — whether you’re looking for children’s mattresses, guest room mattresses (not necessarily receiving frequent wear and tear), or firm vs. soft mattresses. Keywords like these may help narrow your search.

Read the Reviews

Reading reviews for the best-rated mattress can help you or overwhelm you. Here are some things to consider so you can evaluate a mattress review and rating to see if it touches on the points that matter to you.

  • Always look for specific and detailed remarks. General statements such as “I love this mattress!” or “This was a bad purchase” don’t really give you insight into what was especially satisfactory or dissatisfactory about the mattress. What you love about a mattress may be something someone else dislikes. Comb through reviews looking for information about the longevity of the mattress, the support, or the comfort level.
  • Pay close attention to remarks about manufacturer warranties and customer service. This good-to-know information is helpful to have in advance, and it’s a good rule of thumb to have. Try to buy an excellent mattress from a reputable company with great customer service.
  • Common opinions from reviews, both positive and negative, can help steer you in the direction of a confident buying decision. If a mattress has a good reputation — or a bad one — you’ll probably find that many consumers will have similar experiences and make notes about them. Keep an eye out for those common themes.
  • Keep the dates of the reviews in mind, and you’ll want to make sure they’re within two years old. New mattresses are released to the market all the time, and you’ll get the most out of reading reviews when they’re up-to-date.
  • Finally, the most important tip in reading reviews and researching the best-rated mattress is to make sure it’s a testimonial from a real customer. You can make sure you’re reading real reviews if you know how to spot fake ones. Fake reviews may frequently be either gushingly positive — indicating that it may be written by either an employee of the manufacturer — or scathingly negative, which means it could possibly come from a competitor. If the review includes a copy-and-paste list of features you can pull directly from the manufacturer’s website, that’s another flag that it could be fake, because it’s not giving any specifics or personal testimony.

Real Customer Testimonials

Nothing can help inform you like a real customer testimonial. Thankfully, there are ways to sift these out:

  • Look for “Verified Buyer” or some other stamp of authenticity if going through third-party websites. Many websites won’t let someone post a review without entering their order information, which prevents scam reviews.
  • Try browsing video reviews! You may find these on YouTube or also on manufacturer’s websites under their testimonials. A video review can be very helpful because people are able to speak more candidly and point out things that they like or dislike.
  • Written testimonials say more than any sales pitch ever could. These testimonials can give you clear insight into the heart of the customer and how the mattress company met those needs.
  • Try out the mattress yourself. Visit local mattress show rooms or warehouses and take the opportunity to ask the employees about their best-selling mattresses, and what their customers have to say. Ask for candid feedback and for them to include the pros and cons in what they’ve heard from their customers.
  • Finally, take some time to lie down on the mattresses you’re comparing and feel it for yourself.

Gardner Mattress – Serving Massachusetts since 1933

At Gardner Mattress, our customers are not just faceless buyers to us, but real people living real lives. We invest in a positive customer relationship because you matter to us. We have a testimonial wall in our factory direct warehouse, and it’s covered with letters our customers have taken the time to write and send to us. These testimonials are important to us because they affirm what we do every day: strive to provide hard-working people with the mattress they deserve.

When you stop in to our warehouse, you can look at our testimonial wall and read the real words that other real people have to say about their experience. And who knows? If you have a similar experience with Gardner Mattress and want to share it with us, your letter could be there one of these days, too, helping other people like yourself try to wade through those reviews. Contact us today.


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