Hot Sleeper? Solutions to Your Nighttime Sweatfest

hot flames

Have you ever woken up drenched in sweat or found all the blankets and sheets mysteriously on the floor in the morning? Well, you may be a hot sleeper. 

While most people who sleep on the hot end of the spectrum are well aware of this issue, some only find out from partners who claim it is like sleeping next to the surface of the sun. Whether you know it or not, hot sleepers face a unique set of problems when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. 

Let’s explore the world of hot sleepers and how Gardner Mattress can help. 

Motion Transfer in Bed

The Stats on Hot Sleepers

If you think you are alone in your affliction of being a hot sleeper, think again. Studies show that somewhere between 10-40% of people suffer from night sweats or “hot sleeping” environments. 

While this range may seem pretty open, scientists suggest that many people go through phases of night sweats throughout their lives causing these stats to shift widely. 

For instance, a woman who is pregnant or going through menopause may suffer from hot flashes (even during the night) and wake up in a sweaty mess by morning. Additionally, some medications such as diabetes meds, and some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism tend to cause night sweats. Beyond these medical and hormonal changes, scientists are still questioning why some people suffer from this nightly issue. 

The body’s natural temperature falls in the evening in response to the production of melatonin caused by evening darkness. Unfortunately, many people find that their temperature begins to go up during the sleeping hours causing them to sweat or become overly warm. Here are some tips that can help you cool off during your sleeping hours. 

Sleep Solutions for Hot Sleepers

Choose the Right Mattress Material 

One of the first things hot sleepers should do is consider what they are sleeping on. What materials are a part of the mattress as well as the sheets and comforters? 

Gardner Mattress uses a variety of materials that may help with night sweats. Scroll through our materials page which allows you to explore the ventilation and moisture-wicking properties of many of our materials. Choosing the right material may help with keeping your mattress from overheating and trapping the warmth in all night. 

Keep the Room Cool 

Even residents of New England like to keep their bedrooms cool (even during the winter months) if they suffer from night sweats or overheating at night. Keeping the temperature down in the evenings will help cool the room as well as your streets and blankets. 

Some people swear by using a fan to keep the air moving, while others find this to be too much all night long. 

Limit Nighttime Exercise 

Heading to bed after a workout can exacerbate nighttime overheating. Be sure to plan your workout early enough in the day so that your body is allowed to cool down. 

Limit Nighttime Warm Drinks 

Some people are sensitive to hot drinks right before bedtime. Limit decaf coffee,  tea, or your other hot beverage of choice. 

Consider Cooling Sheets or Blankets 

Many people find that cooling sheets allow for heat to escape while still covering them all night long. 



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