Do You Really Need the Most Expensive Mattress?

When you’re shopping for mattresses, you’re going to see a wide range of different price points. Many people assume that less expensive mattresses are poor quality and tend to assume if they shop at the higher price points that they are automatically getting a quality bed. However, this is a common misconception. Price correlates with quality to some degree, but inexpensive mattresses can also be quality. Remember that less expensive does not equal cheap and more expensive does not equal high quality.

Look Out for Beds Made Quickly and Inefficiently

Many cheap mattresses are made quickly and inefficiently. The manufacturers may use poor quality adhesive when putting together foam mattresses, or they may turn to machines for their quilting and tufting. As a result, these mattresses don’t last as long, and they’re not as comfortable during their lifetime as well-made mattresses.

In contrast, when you purchase a mattress from a manufacturer who’s committed to quality, you get a mattress that has been quilted, tufted, and made by hand. Although machines may be involved in parts of the process, you have a skilled craftsperson overseeing the manufacture of the bed. They use quality materials and ensure that the details are right for every mattress. In the case of factory-direct mattress retailers, they are able to offer consumers a lower price than a traditional mattress store because they’re eliminating the middle man. This means that you can still get a good mattress at a lower cost. Ask about how each mattress was made as you shop.

Cheap Mattresses Feature Subpar Materials

In addition to being put together quickly and haphazardly, many cheap mattresses are made with subpar materials. To give you one example, if you buy a foam mattress, the cheaper ones usually have less density than you need. Cheap foam mattresses have 1.8 pounds of foam per square inch, but if you invest in a quality mattress, you’re more likely to get 4 to 5 pounds of foam for every square inch. That same pattern carries over to other materials. Again, the factory-direct rule applies here – just because a mattress costs less does not mean it is cheap. Ask about what materials were used to make the mattresses you’re considering and how many springs or pounds of foam the mattress has.

Quality Beds Help Improve Sleep

The reason you want dense foam, organic wool, and other quality materials is because these elements can improve your night’s sleep. On an uncomfortable mattress, you’re unlikely to get the support you need while you sleep. You may notice a lot of that pins-and-needles feeling in your arms or legs, or you may experience back or muscular pain due to lack of support. In some cases, cheap materials may be more prone to harboring allergens such as dust mites.

When you spend time finding a mattress that gives you the softness you want and the support you need, you tend to sleep better at night. When you pair that mattress with an adjustable base or a quality bed frame, you help to ensure that the mattress lasts longer and that you enjoy a better night’s sleep for years to come.

You Can Get Quality at a Lower Cost

Factory-direct mattresses offer the best of both worlds. You can get a high-quality mattress at a lower cost because the manufacturer doesn’t have to increase prices to cover the costs associated with maintaining a showroom.

When quality and your budget matter, order from us. To learn more, look through our online catalog, read our blog, or contact us directly. We look forward to finding you a mattress that best fits your unique needs.


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