Do You Really Need a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow Top Mattress

There are two basic things everyone needs in a mattress: comfort and support. What that looks and feels like is different for everyone, but it’s important to understand why you need both, and how not to confuse one for the other. A great example of this is a pillow top mattress. Do you really need one?

What Are Pillow Top Mattresses?

Pillow tops are a mattress component strictly for comfort only. It’s exactly what it sounds like: an extra cushion sewn on top of the mattress. Because it’s stitched in place, it’s not removable. Many pillow top owners enjoy this extra layer of soft comfort.

Other comfort-related, but non-pillow top, components are the upholstery or finishing techniques used, such as a quilted top vs. tufted. You may feel a comfort difference when comparing different types of foam mattresses or even the difference between pocketed coils or inner springs. These preferences are largely up to the individual and may even fall also into the “support” category.

But, when you’re looking at a pillow top mattress, what are you looking for? If your mattress is already supportive and you simply like an extra layer of padding and softness, a pillow top may be just right for you. But if you’re looking at a pillow top as a way to ease the aches and pains you have upon waking up in the morning, it may not be the best investment to make. Why?

Because an extra cushion is not the same thing as better support.

What Makes a Mattress Supportive?

The entire construction of the mattress, from top to bottom, is the key to understanding how supportive it is. A good mattress will support your joints and body weight while cradling your body shape and relieving pressure. It’s not just about how soft or cushy it is. A mattress that’s too soft can be just as problematic as a mattress that’s too firm, and you can find yourself with sleeplessness or in chronic pain with either.

Different methods of making a mattress, as well as the quality of components used, directly impacts how comfortable and supportive it is to each individual. Mass produced mattresses can result in a “one size fits all” finished product, and when it comes to mattresses and sleeping, one size most definitely does not fit all. When cheap components or construction techniques are used, you end up with a mattress with layers that shift or break down. There’s no pillow top in the world that can fix a bad mattress. Start with the support and add the comfort from there!

The Power of Flipping

The benefits of flipping your mattress aren’t just an old wives’ tale. Flipping and rotating your mattress does several things. First, it helps extend the lifespan of your mattress and its components. A mattress that’s never flipped or rotated will result in early wear and a groove from where your body gravitates to. Flipping and rotating allows equal wear.

Also, the inequality of wear on a mattress that’s never flipped or rotated may impact your quality of sleep and how comfortable you find the mattress to be. A regular flip and rotate may be exactly what you need to sleep more comfortably and wake up with fewer aches and pains.

Getting Comfort and Support

Maybe you’ve never considered the difference between comfort and support in a mattress. Learning what kind of mattress you need and how supportive you need it is different from person to person.

If pillow top mattresses have always been your preference and you simply want that extra cushion, you may want to take a look at the Soft Support mattress. For people who prefer a softer mattress, the Soft Support mattress conforms to your body and comes in five different builds with different upholstery options so it can meet your needs perfectly. The Organic Ergo mattress is made using organic padding and upholstery, and, like the Soft Support mattress, it’s made with pocketed coils which reduce motion transfer, allowing you to remain virtually undisturbed when your partner leaves their side of the bed. Both of these models allow you to sleep gently, comfortably, and well-supported.

A Mattress to Meet Your Needs

We know that each person’s sleeping needs are as unique as they are. Everyone deserves to feel supported in their life, and we think the same goes for sleeping. You should feel supported while sleeping, and the mattress you’re on makes all the difference in whether you get that support. Plus, this ties back to how comfortable you think the mattress is in the first place.

A supportive, regularly flipped and rotated mattress can feel comfortable even without a pillow top. Remember, an unsupportive mattress cannot be “fixed” with an extra layer of cushion.

If supportive, comfortable sleep is within your grasp, why not reach out for it today? Get in touch with us at Gardner Mattress if you’re ready to explore the options in front of you. You don’t have to live with chronic aches and pains or poor sleep at night. A mattress from Gardner Mattress, designed with your needs in mind, can help you get your best sleep. Contact us today for more information.


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