Common Sleep Problems and How Your Mattress Can Help Them

Sleep is a valuable thing. It’s vital to our mental, physical, and emotional health and we should, on average, be getting 6-8 hours each night. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a restful night’s sleep. There are a vast number of common sleep problems, but they typically result in you waking up exhausted, and potentially getting sick more easily.

Thankfully, for many of these common sleep problems, sleeping on the right mattress can help. You might not be able to outright cure all of your sleep issues, but you can at least alleviate them. Your mattress can help you reclaim precious minutes or even hours of sleep you might be losing.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common sleep problem that can be caused by a range of issues. It could be the result of an active lifestyle, chronic conditions, sleeping on your back or stomach, or sleeping on an old mattress that’s due for a replacement. Either way, lower back pain can lead to a restless sleep and an unpleasant day.

One of the best ways to deal with lower back pain is to get a mattress that supports and aligns your spine properly. Firm mattresses are best for this, as they take the pressure off of your lower back. This is ideal for both back and stomach sleepers, especially if the mattress has continuous wire spring coils. If you’re worried that a firm mattress might be too hard, get one that has layers of cotton batting or high-density foam in tandem with the springs for a layer of softness on top of the support. 

Another tip is to get a flippable mattress, so that even over years of usage, it won’t sag. By flipping or rotating the mattress, you get a fresh, firm spot to sleep on. This new spot will give the support you need to not wake up sore while the old spot has time to decompress.

photo of a woman with back pain standing by a bed

Night Sweats

Do you wake up in the middle of the night overheated, drenched in sweat? People who suffer from night sweats often have restless sleep. And even if you can sleep through it, if you share a bed with someone, they might not sleep well due to the damp sheets beside them. There have been studies done on the frequency of night sweats, and up to 41% of sleepers suffer from them.

So if you’re a hot sleeper, you need to find a mattress that can cool you down and keep moisture at bay for a better sleep. Mattresses that are made with natural materials like organic New Zealand wool and organic cotton batting are breathable and wick away moisture throughout the night. Or you could go for gel-infused memory foam, which has a cooler surface to keep you from overheating. This will make you more comfortable throughout the night, leading to a much deeper sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition that plagues about 18 million Americans. It’s a condition where your breathing stops and restarts many times as you sleep. The most common form is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is when your upper airway becomes blocked – often by your own tongue – while you’re sleeping. At best, this can lead to noisy snoring, but at worst, it can be dangerous to your health.

Most commonly found in back sleepers, anyone who suffers from sleep apnea should look at adjusting their sleep posture to alleviate their airway blockage. This can be done with piles of pillows, but it’s much smarter to invest in an adjustable base for your bed. This way you can use your smartphone to automatically adjust your mattress’ position to the ideal angle for sleep. An adjustable base not only supports your back but elevates your head so you can breathe more easily. 

Sleep Disturbances

Joint Pain

Like with lower back pain, joint pain can be a massive detriment to your sleep. You could be tossing and turning all night, trying to relieve the pressure and still wake up sore and exhausted. Joint pain is a frequent issue side sleepers face. The wrong mattress could be creating unpleasant pressure points due to poor support.

The right mattress to help with your joint pain depends on the specific pain spot. If it’s your hip, knees, or shoulders that get sore, you should consider a softer mattress. That’s because most people who suffer from this kind of pain are side sleepers. Having a soft mattress can be a major benefit to relieving the pressure. 

If you’re not a fan of soft mattresses, another option is the adjustable base to take the pressure off of your joints. This is especially good for sleepers who suffer from knee pain. Adjustable bases can elevate your knees to take the pressure off of them, resulting in a better night’s sleep.


Allergies are a common problem for many, but at night they can be especially frustrating. They can make it harder to breathe, break out in uncomfortable hives, and any other number of unpleasant symptoms. Allergies can be triggered by chemicals, dust, mites, mold, and more that could even be found in your mattress. Or at least, they can if you’re sleeping on the wrong kind.

If you suffer from allergies, you should look into getting an organic mattress. These are made without chemicals and with materials that are naturally allergen-free. For example, long strand mane and tail horsehair has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-mite properties. If you’d prefer a vegan option, mattresses made with organic flax are also naturally allergen-free, so you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep regardless of your lifestyle.

If any of these common sleep problems are keeping you awake at night, a new mattress could be the solution. Come to one of our showrooms and talk to the craftsmen who hand tuft our mattresses. These experts can tell you more about how our different mattresses can help your specific issue so you get the restful sleep you deserve.


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