Should You Buy a Bed with an Adjustable Base?

Adjustable Base

If you’ve been looking for a more comfortable way to sleep, you should consider both the quality of your mattress and your sleeping position. Sleeping on a bed with an adjustable base can provide you with health benefits and unequaled comfort.

These kinds of bases allow you to sit upright or sleep with your legs raised. While they’re ideal for enjoying a good book or watching a movie in bed, they’re also great for individuals with various health conditions. Here are four benefits that come with buying a bed with an adjustable base.

  1. Pain Relief

Sleeping upright inflicts less pressure on the back compared to sleeping horizontally, which can give you relief from pressure that causes pain. Also, if you’re in recovery mode from lower back surgery, you’ll also find that sleeping in an adjusted position can help you sleep more comfortably.

Adjustable bases can also relieve the painful symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), which causes intense heartburn. Sleeping horizontally makes the burning sensation in your esophagus worse, while sleeping upright can keep stomach acids from flowing up to your throat, causing you discomfort.

Pregnant women can also benefit from sleeping on a mattress on an adjustable base, especially as they reach the end of the third trimester, when sleeping gets tricky. Many pregnant women also experience heartburn, so this bed can serve a double duty for expecting mothers.

  1. Decreases Snoring

Sleeping horizontally can restrict the airflow to your lungs and make it more difficult for air to reach your vital organs. Sleeping upright, however, maximizes the flow of oxygen into your lungs and therefore reduces the intensity of your snoring. People with sleep apnea also have trouble breathing well at night, so sleeping in this new position can benefit their quality of sleep and reduce the intensity of snoring.

  1. Great for Colds

Just because you have a bed with an adjustable base doesn’t mean that you need to keep it in an upright position all the time. For many of us, the elevated position is a good option to have in case of special circumstances, like if you fall ill.


As you know, it’s harder to breathe when you’re sick. Sleeping in an upright position can help you breathe better at night by relieving congestion, which will help you sleep better and recover more quickly.

  1. Improves Circulation

Sleeping in an adjustable bed can also help improve your circulation, allowing blood reach your body’s vital organs. This also contributes to an improved oxygen level that can help you stay asleep and increase the quality of your rest.

Get the Winning Combination

Pairing a great mattress with an adjustable base is a winning combination for high-quality sleep. Gardner Mattresses are organic, handcrafted, and built to last for years. Trying our products is also risk-free with our 90-day trial period. Contact us at 1-800-564-2736 to find out how you can get started on a new season of blissful sleep.


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