Best Mattress Materials for Hot Sleepers

Blog Title: Best Mattress Materials for Hot Sleepers

Being a hot sleeper can be miserable. You wake up sweating in the middle of the night, you need to wash your sheets more frequently, and you’ll likely even have to clean your mattress more often to get any sweat stains and odors out. The secret to a cool night’s sleep could lie in your mattress.

Did you know that the materials that make up your mattress can help regulate your body temperature? There are both organic and inorganic materials that can help keep you cool so you sleep comfortably through the night. When shopping for your next mattress, look for mattresses containing these materials.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

If you’re a hot sleeper who needs a really soft mattress, gel-infused memory foam is the material for you. It provides a cool surface so you don’t get overheated while molding to your body. This provides unmatched levels of comfort, as you’ll get a soft yet supportive mattress that keeps you from overheating.

Gel-infused memory foam is a featured material in the Comfort Support mattress in our Traditional Collection. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start the day without needing to immediately strip your bed and do laundry from a sweat fest.

Organic New Zealand Wool

You might not expect wool to be a good material to keep cool, but that’s the beauty of organic New Zealand wool. This breathable material traps air for insulation and draws moisture away when it’s hot. This allows you to sleep without sweat building up as your temperature is better regulated.

You’ll find four mattresses in the Natural Sleep Collection: the Organic Classic, Organic Ergo, Organic Luxe, and Organic Ultra Luxe. These hand-tufted mattresses deliver coziness and sturdiness that hot sleepers will rarely find anywhere else.

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Cotton Batting

If you want comfort on a hot night, cotton batting offers a luxurious night’s sleep and keeps you from overheating. Like wool, it’s breathable and allows airflow all night long. It is an environmentally friendly material free of toxins, offering the perfect balance of support and softness.

You can find cotton batting featured prominently in two of our Traditional mattresses. The Signature Quilted and the Signature Tufted provide firm mattresses that are great for hot sleepers who need some additional support.

Organic Flax

For someone living the vegan lifestyle, it’s hard to find something that is both comfortable and free of any animal products. Thankfully, organic flax has natural cooling properties and is completely vegan. It’s made from the unspun fibers of the flax plant, which acts as a great insulation material. Its springy nature allows for great airflow while wicking moisture away, so vegans who get night sweats can at last sleep in comfort.

You’ll find organic flax featured in the Organic Vegan mattress in the Natural Sleep Collection. You’ll be able to dream green and embrace a natural sleep experience as cool as an oasis.

Hot sleepers don’t need to suffer the discomfort of night sweats. With the right mattress made of the right materials, you can sleep cool and comfortably even on hot summer nights. Stop by our showrooms to try out some of our mattresses today.


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