Alleviating Hip and Shoulder Pain While You Sleep 

photo of a woman with back pain standing by a bed

No one wants to step out of bed every morning and exclaim “Oh my aching hips, knees, or shoulders!” every day. It happens to more of us than we are willing to admit. 

If this scenario sounds oddly familiar and you are one who finds yourself groaning and moaning as you get out of bed, you may be suffering from joint pain that is exacerbated by your sleep position or a faulty mattress. Let’s explore these joint issues and ways this can be alleviated for a better night’s sleep. 

What The Research Shows

“Research shows that between 50% and 90% of people who have chronic joint pain don’t sleep well. And, that sleep deprivation can lead to other health issues, including low energy, mood disorders, and eating problems.” according to the Cleveland Clinic

Chronic hip, shoulder, and knee pain are fairly common during sleep since many people sleep in a position that puts added pressure on these areas without realizing it in their sleep. 

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Find the Right Mattress 

A good night’s sleep starts with what you are sleeping on. If your mattress is not supporting or has imprints or dips where the majority of your body weight is, then you may need a new mattress that will be more supportive of those joints. 

Gardner Mattress has many options for style and type of mattress with differing levels of firmness for your joint needs. Our mattress specialists will talk to you about your sleep needs and help you choose a mattress that addresses joint pain or chronic pain. 

Stretch Before Bed 

Many people who are afflicted with joint pain upon waking, find that if they do a modest amount of stretching before heading to sleep each evening that they have less pain. Stretching can lengthen and loosen sore muscles and allow them to rest and recover during the overnight hours. 

If your pain levels are not too high, consider doing light exercises during the day to get the muscles warmed up and moving. Even a short walk can be helpful. Plus exercise will help you sleep better! 

Pain Medication Before Bed 

If you suffer from chronic pain and have trouble ‘getting going’ every morning, talk to your doctor about over-the-counter medications that may help reduce inflammation overnight and make mornings less painful. 

Use Pillow Supports or An Adjustable Base 

Many side sleepers find that if they use a body pillow to support their hips and knees during sleep they experience less joint pain by morning. The same goes for using an adjustable base to elevate knees or shoulders and take the pressure off those joints. 

Talk to our team about firm mattresses that may help support your body and allow for the pressure to be taken off your aching joints. 



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